• Tom Sandoval claims ex Kristen Doute's book, "He's Making You Crazy," was not entirely accurate
  • He says he doesn't remember Doute owning lingerie when they were together like she mentions in the book
  • Sandoval says Doute's book was "entertaining" but had "a lot of inconsistencies"

"Vanderpump Rules" star Tom Sandoval called out Kristen Doute following the release of her new book, claiming his ex-girlfriend wasn't entirely honest about their relationship in "He's Making You Crazy."

Doute released the book, which focused on her "funny, sometimes cringe-worthy" dating history, back in June. However, Sandoval is now speaking out about his ex's portrayal of their relationship, claiming that her book had a "lot of inconsistencies."

"I don’t even know where to begin with that book. I think she was just trying to sell copies," the 37-year-old "Fancy AF Cocktails" author said on Sunday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen."

"I read that part of it. It was just a lot of inconsistencies," he continued. "First and foremost being our computer was in our living room and we always had a roommate. I don’t think I remember Kristen ever owning lingerie either.”

Nevertheless, Sandoval said he found the book "entertaining."

Doute didn't name her exes in the book, but it was obvious for their fans when she was referring to Sandoval. They dated for six years but split in "Vanderpump Rules" Season 2, which aired in 2014, after Doute cheated on him with co-star Jax Taylor.

Before the release of her book, Doute explained that she left out the names because she wanted her readers to know the story and not focus on the people.

"[Keeping the names out] had nothing to do with, like, protecting the innocent. I don’t think anyone is innocent in this book," she told Us Weekly in June.

She continued, "But I thought truly that it would be so much grander for the reader to read if it was just left as a simple key or like a pseudonym as we use often because I want women to be reading the story and not about the who."

However, it was obvious to the readers that she was referring to the bartender when she questioned her “body image” in the book.

“We would get ready together at his vanity, and when he said ‘you’re beautiful’ I wondered if he was talking to me or to himself. His flat iron, oh, his f—king flat iron. It was his most prized possession. Would he ever look at me the way he looked at it?” Doute wrote.

Sandoval has long been known for his extensive personal grooming routine, which includes using a flat iron on his hair. He previously spoke about getting mocked over having a beauty care routine, revealing that every man in Hollywood has one.

“People might give me s—, but every person on camera that you see in Hollywood, every person that you see at award ceremonies, every guy, they’re all wearing some sort of little powder, a little concealer,” he told PopSugar last year. “It’s funny because these are all things that [Tom] Schwartz and Jax [Taylor] and a lot of my guy friends, they all do. I guess I’m the only one that kind of owns up to it!”

Sandoval began dating "Vanderpump Rules" co-star Ariana Madix after he and Doute called it quits. The two recently told Us Weekly they "bonded" during the coronavirus lockdowns.

VanderpumpRules_KristenDoute "Vanderpump Rules" star Kristen Doute. Photo: Tommy Garcia/Bravo