• Vanessa Bryant pays tribute to her daughter, Gig, on her birthday
  • On May 1, Bryant announced on her Instagram that Gigi’s favorite red bracelet would be reproduced
  • The proceeds would go to Mamba and Mambacita Foundation
  • Gigi was a basketball protégé at the age of 13
  • Kobe Bryant’s daughter would’ve turned 14 if not for the helicopter crash

Vanessa Bryant is paying tribute to her daughter with the late basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant, in an Instagram post on Friday (also Gigi’s birthday). To honor her daughter’s legacy, Bryant announced that her daughter’s favorite bracelet would be reproduced as a fundraiser project.

Vanessa, in her Instagram post, shared with 14 million followers a snap of Gigi’s favorite bracelet —a red baller with a script “Gigi Bryant (heart emoji) Mambacita." The 37-year-old mom said that her late daughter loved to wear the said red bow and it showed in all of her school pictures.

Red, according to Bryant’s wife, meant love and life to her daughter. Calling out to her followers, Vanessa appealed for people to wear red in commemoration of Gigi’s birthday. In the same message, she described her late daughter as someone who gave her all and had led with kindness.

Vanessa Bryant
A rep for Vanessa Bryant denied the wife of Kobe underwent plastic surgery recently, but there is still much speculation as the now brunette bombshell has been seen in recent photos sporting a dramatically different face. Rumors began when a source told the National Enquirer that 30-year-old Bryant was feeling "insecure" about her looks because of her husband and wanted to "do anything to keep Kobe happy." Reuters

She further revealed that they would be reproducing the red baller and would soon be available for proceeds. The funds raised would be given to Mamba and Mambacita Foundation, a foundation of the late Kobe Bryant which focused on creating a positive impact through “developing learning skills, enhancing character traits and expanding personal values” through sports.

In a separate post, Vanessa poured her heart in penning an emotional message for her departed baby girl, Los Angeles Times reported. Bryant’s wife wrote how much she loved Gigi. She also said that she missed her daughter’s smile, hugs and giggles. More than anything, she wished that she could wake up and have her daughter beside her.

Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant would have turned 14 on Friday (May 1) if not for the tragic accident which took her life. The world mourned when the news broke that the helicopter, boarded by Gigi, Kobe and 7 others, crashed on Jan. 26 in Calabasas.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers Bryant hands Larry O'Brien NBA Championship trophy to his daughters after Lakers defeated Orlando Magic in Game 5 of their NBA Finals basketball game in Orlando. Reuters

Amid the stay-at-home order, remaining family members of the other four passengers who boarded the helicopter with Kobe and Gigi filed a lawsuit against the aircraft’s company. The said lawsuits were electronically filed on April 19 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Fox26 News reported.

A month after the helicopter crashed, Vanessa filed a lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters and pilot Ara George Zobayan. Bryant’s wife alleged that Zobayan, who also died in the crash, was negligent for flying under such bad weather conditions, BBC reported.

Gigi, following the footsteps of Kobe, was a basketball protégé at the age of 13. She may have departed, but her and Kobe’s legacy will continue to live on.

Fans arrive to attend the "Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant" service at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles on February 24, 2020
Fans arrive to attend the "Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant" service at Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles on February 24, 2020 AFP / Mark RALSTON

Mamba and Mambacita forever!