• Vanessa Hudgens lends her support to Black Lives Matter movement
  • The actress is supporting grassroots civil rights organizations
  • She wants her fans to educate themselves about discrimination

With news of protests coming in from around the country following the death of George Floyd, Vanessa Hudgens decided to go on a hike to clear her mind. The actress and singer is using her fame to support organizations that are fighting against discrimination, and she has urged her followers to do the same.

Hudgens shared a video of some beautiful flowers and the landscape she saw during her morning hike with her fans on Instagram. Aside from trying to spread some positivity, the celebrity said that she wants to do better and urged her followers to do the same.

One of the ways in which Hudgens is trying to help is by supporting grassroots civil rights organizations like NAACP, Minnesota Freedom Fund, and Black Visions Collective. The actress told her fans to also support such organizations. For people who are unable to give any financial support or volunteer, the actress asked them to at least educate themselves about these issues and register to vote.

“We’re all in this together,” Hudgens wrote in her post.

The actress added that she stands with the people who are fighting for their rights.

Hudgens previously shared a picture aimed at educating people about the seriousness of the issue the country is facing. The Instagram post talks about justice being served only when those who are not directly affected by the problem raise their voice and express their outrage.

In another Instagram post, Hudgens said that it will be “ludicrous” if she posts pictures of herself online at a time like this. She said that it is not enough for people to just send condolences, be shocked, and be heartbroken. According to the actress, people must be “active allies” to those who are facing discrimination and suffering.

“ Land of the free? I think not. America is flawed,” Hudgens said. The actress requested her followers to see what is happening and not turn a blind eye. “Enough is enough,” she said and emphasised that black lives matter.

Hudgens quoted Desmond Tutu in her Instagram post that states that people who are neutral in situations of injustice have chosen to side with the oppressor.