Will Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) become the next president of the United States in “Veep” Season 7? HBO

“Veep” Season 6 aired its final episode on Sunday night with the big reveal that Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) will once again run for president of the United States.

While speaking with TV Line, showrunner David Mandel opened up about the lead character’s decision and shared some information from Season 7. According to Mandel, Selina running for the office somehow sets the tone for the show’s end game. However, this does not mean that Season 7 will be the last for “Veep.”

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“It’s about something we’re going to be talking about very soon. We’re starting to think about an end game because, like anything else, we want to go out our way. We’re going figure it out and hopefully announce something officially. I don’t want to go there. We need to sit down and figure out if there are three more seasons, two more seasons, one more season… Everything is still on the table,” he said.

Mandel also confirmed that a time jump will not take place in Season 7. This means that Selina’s campaign will play a huge part in the upcoming episodes. “One of the areas that really is interesting to me is the campaign before the campaign. I’m also fascinated about what it’s like to live in Iowa two years before a national election when every five minutes a different person is knocking on your door. It’s a wide-open field of people looking to run against current President Montez (Andrea Savage),” he explained.

Meanwhile, Mandel also told The Hollywood Reporter that Selina gave up on happiness in the final episode for Season 6. After all, steering clear from politics could have given her the happy ending that she deserves. On the contrary, getting a second chance at the White House could give the character could also be good for her.

However, Mandel is standing by the idea that Selina threw her happy ending because she could have built a library at Yale or have traveled the world with Jaffar (Usman Ally), but she threw all of those away for the oval office. “I think it’s heartbreaking when she comes down that escalator after breaking things off with Jaffar. I look at Julia at what she’s doing there and I find it heartbreaking,” he said.

“Veep” Season 6 aired its final episode on Sunday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.