The cast of HBO's VEEP pose during the series' world premiere in New York City April 10, 2012. From left, they are: Tony Hale, Timothy C. Simons, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Matt Walsh, Anna Chlumsky, Reid Scott and Sufe Bradshaw. REUTERS

“Veep” season 2 will be an exciting time for Jonah Ryan (Timothy Simons).

Speaking to The Daily Caller, director Dale Stern said fans will have a fun time seeing the dynamics between Jonah and his new staff.

Aside from that, Stern kept mum about other details of the upcoming season. He did, however, confirm that the new installment will feature a fresh start for Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus).

“I don't know what's planned for next season,” Stern said, before adding, “You know, it's framed with certain ideas. It's a whole new world and a whole new beginning for the show. It's outrageous. It's hysterical. It's going to be very fun to work and play with it.”

Details of the upcoming season are still kept under wraps, although Tony Hale did confirm that his character Gary will still be working for Selina.

In an interview with The Wrap, the actor said that so long as Gary is working with Selina, he will be happy. The two have been together for so long, even before Selina got her vice-presidential stint, that it would be difficult for Gary if things will suddenly change.

Series showrunner David Mandel also teased that Selina will have a meltdown when the show returns. Speaking to Bustle, the producer said that the character will have a difficult time adjusting to a life outside of politics. After finishing her short stint as president, Selina will struggle to accept that she's back to being an ordinary citizen.

Mandel also said that some people will find it unnecessary for Selina to be given security, since she was not in office for too long. The conflict will shake Selina and make it more difficult for her in terms of trying to stay relevant.

“Veep” season 6 will air in spring 2017 on HBO, though a premiere date has yet to be set.