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Victor Whitmore is a Co-Founder of Precision Equity, a real estate investment company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whitmore has achieved remarkable success in Commercial Real Estate, creating an impressive 150-million-dollar empire despite growing up in a poor family in Gerry. Since then, Victor has purchased nearly 2500 multi-family units, over 700,000 square feet of retail shopping center space and has increased the value of these properties by tens of millions of dollars through day-to-day operations of management teams and strategic repositioning.

Victor Whitmore
Victor Whitmore Victor Whitmore

Victor is no ordinary entrepreneur in commercial real estate (CRE). His unique vision is unmatched in the CRE game. In his new endeavor, Equity With Purpose, he plans to close $500 million worth of deals within the next five years and ensure investors' return on investment of over $140 million.

Additionally, he plans to manage more than 3 million square feet of commercial property over this period, as well as change the lives of over 75 families through their "Purpose" campaign.

Victor's drive to succeed comes not just from his passion for business but also his desire to use what he has learned along his journey to help those who are currently suffering similar circumstances that he once did. By setting an example with such admirable goals and dreams, Victor can provide hope and inspiration to many people worldwide by showing them that it doesn't matter how hard life gets. Success can still be attained if one is determined enough and puts their mind towards something positive.

Victor Whitmore is making waves in the real estate market with a business model that sets him apart from his competitors. While other syndication companies often limit their involvement to putting deals together just to collect fees, Whitmore is fully invested in every single deal.

In addition to having his own money invested into each transaction, Victor Whitmore takes a more personalized approach to each investment opportunity by signing the deal with an individual entity he creates for that particular property, so that every investor is listed as an owner of that deal, right alongside him. By investing alongside those who entrust their money to him, Victor creates an additional layer of accountability that sets his business apart from his competitors. In addition, he personally signs on the debt so that no investor will ever have to.

This novel approach has allowed Victor Whitmore to become one of the leading real estate investors in the area, quickly amassing a solid following of loyal clients and businesses who appreciate his dedication and expertise. As he strives for excellence, Victor Whitmore is well on his way to revolutionizing the real estate industry.

Victor's impressive display of resilience, perseverance, and drive shows what can be achieved even when faced with unimaginable hardship at a young age. There's no doubt that many entrepreneurs have seen Victor's story and have been motivated by it too-aspirations like Victor's may not seem achievable in their own eyes. But looking at Victor's example should help people believe they too can succeed if they put their mind to it.