Victoria Beckham has refused an offer to reunite with the Spice Girls to perform at the London Olympics ceremony in 2012, reports News of The World

Inspite of her husband, David Beckham and the band founder, Simon Fuller, encouraging her to reconsider her decision, she is firm that she wants to concentrate on her family and her fashion business.

She said that she had no objections to the band replacing her with another singer. A source said to the newspaper There is no way Victoria will perform with the Spice Girls ever again. She's not a spoilsport but she doesn't feel she's a good enough performer to go back there again all these years on. The others are keen to do the performance but it's just not for Victoria anymore.”

Victoria is no longer confident about her performance and believes that vocally also she is not very strong, reveals the source. She would much rather concentrate on her fashion line which has really picked up this year and doing well in the market.

A reunion without the full strength of Spice Girls would not work at all. So the plans might be abandoned altogether.

Recently, Victoria had tweeted about a reunion dinner at her place of the Spice Girls. It seems it was just an ordinary all girls night out and nothing to do with planning a reunion.