• A UFO was spotted flying over a beach in Spain
  • The UFO pulsated and changed its shape
  • An expert believes the UFO might be a shape-shifting alien vessel

An eyewitness vacationing in Spain with his family spotted a strange UFO that appeared to be pulsating. According to a UFO expert, the mysterious object could be a shape-shifting alien vessel.

Footage of the incident was recorded by a person who visited a beach in Denia, Spain with his family in 2018. As they were enjoying their time on the beach, the man spotted a bright silver-colored object flying in the sky.

He estimated that the object was flying at an altitude of about 3,000 feet and was moving at around 100 to 200 miles per hour. As seen in the video, the object appeared to be pulsating as it traveled across the sky.

At first, the eyewitness thought that the object was a drone. However, it was too big to be a drone and it also had an odd shape.

“As the object was approaching, the brightness didn't seem to change but rather pulsate, which we started to think about something unusual,” the man stated in an eyewitness report. “A commercial flight was around at that time, but it was at a much further and a higher altitude and didn't interfere in any way with the object.”

Aside from its pulsating appearance, the mysterious object also changed its shape a few times in the video. The changes only lasted a couple of seconds and did not show a distinct shape. Instead, it continuously pulsated and changed its overall shape throughout the sighting.

After viewing the video, Scott Waring of ET Data Base noted that the UFO could be a type of shape-shifting alien vessel sent to Earth to monitor various factors. Since the object was flying over the ocean, Waring noted that it might have been preparing to fly back to its underwater base.

“It’s whitish silver and highly reflective as it changes its shape,” he stated on a blog post. “The shape and the movement of the object reminds me of some UFO videos released by the military in infrared. These are to change shapes at whim. Sent by aliens to record and retrieve data...and they record everything...ocean temps, pollutants, animals, insects wind speed...everything.”

A UFO flying away from a plume in this frame from the 2014 Chile helicopter video. CEFAA