Tucson police have arrested a man they said impersonated a police officer apparently to score drugs, Dec. 27, 2017. In this photo, a police vehicle is seen on fire during an anti-Trump protest in Oakland, California, Nov. 9, 2016. Getty Images

Tucson police arrested an Oro Valley, Arizona, man Wednesday that they claimed impersonated a police officer in apparent attempt to score drugs, and now the authorities are asking other possible victims to come forward.

The Tucson Police Department released a video of the arrest after tracking down the suspect’s car. However, his name was withheld and face was blurred in the footage as the investigation was ongoing. Counter Narcotics Alliance detectives were in search for more victims, Officer Chris Hawkins, a Tucson Police Department spokesman said Wednesday.

"Detectives believe there are more victims out there, and want them to independently recognize the suspect," Hawkins added, explaining why his name and mug shot were not released yet.

The suspect, who is believed to be in his 30s, was booked into the Pima County jail on charges of kidnapping and impersonating a law enforcement officer, Hawkins mentioned. He added that additional charges are still pending against the suspect, ABC15 reported.

An incident took place on Dec.19 led to the suspect’s arrest. Tucson police got a call from a group of men claiming that a man insisting to be an undercover officer had pulled them over and also handcuffed one of them. The incident reportedly took place in the area of West 40th Street and South 10th Avenue.

After handcuffing one of the men, the suspect realized that he did not have the key to the handcuff, asked them if they had some device to cut them off, and then reportedly asked them to go to main police station downtown where the cuffs could be removed, Hawkins said.

The caller, who provided information to the police, gave the authorities the suspect's license plate number, and then the officers used the information to track the suspect down at a home in Oro Valley.

A search warrant was served at the suspect’s residence. Police said they also found the suspect's car and other instruments believed to be used during the scam, including a dash cam at the suspect’s residence. Police said he also carried a police scanner, and an expandable baton. He was believed to be wearing an earpiece.

The stop reported to the police had been recorded on the dash cam, which was recovered from the suspect’s car. Detectives said they discovered illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia in the car.

There were additional incidents that were recorded on the dash cam on the same day. Hawkins said the suspect was believed to be involved in four incidents, adding that all were in the area of 40th Street and 10th Avenue, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

Police asked anyone, who has been stopped or pulled over by someone in a white, unmarked vehicle, to call 520-719-2002 ext. 723.

Police mentioned they do have plain-clothes officers on the streets, and they will occasionally make traffic stops. However, the department said all their officers always carry their badge and identification with them.

Police asked the public to be careful and said that if they believe they were stopped by a fraudulent officer, they can immediately call 911 to verify the name and badge number of the officer.