• Vietnam has taken in Samsung engineers flying from South Korea
  • The country is letting the engineers in without quarantine
  • The engineers are expected to help in Samsung's operations in the country

Samsung’s engineers has been confirmed to bypass Vietnam’s quarantine as they enter the country for work. The company has confirmed that some of its production will be transferred in the country. However, South Korea has been one of the countries that has been severely affected by the outbreak.

According to a report from Reuters, Vietnam has allowed about 200 engineers from Samsung to enter the country without following the prescribed quarantine days to check for COVID-19 signs. The engineers could now work immediately without checking for any signs of the pandemic disease.

These engineers are expected to work and oversee Samsung’s operations to help normalize its production timeline. In the past weeks, Samsung had to suspend operations in one of its South Korean factories to quarantine it after one of its employees was confirmed COVID-19 positive. Samsung plans to catch up on their schedule through transferring some of its production to Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the Southeast Asian countries that has not been heavily affected by the outbreak. The case count has yet to break through 100 people and is already taking measures to prevent its spread in the country. Meanwhile, South Korea is known to be the second most affected country by the outbreak.

For now, the engineers have bypassed the strict rules for travelers coming from countries that has been majorly affected by the outbreak. Many countries have already banned travels and travelers coming from the heavily affected regions.

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