Joy Behar, Grace Hightower, Whoopi Goldberg
Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg were not pleased with how Megyn Kelly reacted to Jane Fonda’s recent statement. Pictured: “The View” hosts Behar, Goldberg with Hightower at the Broadway opening night of 'Sister Act' at the Broadway Theatre on Apr. 20, 2011 in New York City. Getty Images/Joe Corrigan

“The View” hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin recently weighed in on Jane Fonda and Megyn Kelly’s feud.

Goldberg appeared to side with Fonda and said that if the 80-year-old actress does not have the right to lecture anyone, Kelly does not have the right to do so either.

“Wow. I mean, really? To drag the Vietnam War into a plastic surgery conversation is a real stretch, Megyn,” she said (via E! News).

On Monday, Kelly slammed Fonda for saying that she is not a good interviewer because Kelly grilled the “Grace and Frankie” star about her plastic surgery during their interview in September. The “Megyn Kelly Today” host fired back and said that Fonda does not have the right to lecture anyone because her name is “synonymous to outrage.”

Kelly went on to talk about the Vietnam War and said that a lot of people still call Fonda “Hanoi Jane” since she showed support for the country’s former “enemies.” Fonda also previously said that she is not proud of her home country.

Behar said, “And also, why are people more angry with Jane Fonda about the Vietnam War than they are with Nixon and LBJ and people who lied about the war and sent boys as cannon fodder to an unjust and filthy war? It amazes me how you can put this on Jane.”

McCain seconded her co-hosts statements and said that Kelly was wrong to bring up something that did not have anything to do with plastic surgery. Hostin said that she agrees with McCain because she has never seen a host do what Kelly did on live television.

“Who’s the journalist?” Behar asked her co-hosts. “Exactly! And that’s the point,” Hostin said.

“The View” guest co-host Ann Curry said that it would have been better if Kelly just did not respond to Fonda in the manner that she did. “The reason you don’t see a response like Kelly’s is because journalists are not supposed to be the story,” she said.