What’s bloody, brutal and full of jaw-dropping drama? The Season 2 finale of “Vikings,” of course! That’s right, our favorite History Channel series is coming to an end on Thursday, May 1. And according to reports, the final episode of the season is said to be pretty crazy—yes, even crazier than Jarl Borg’s whacked-out eyes.

In episode 10, “The Lord’s Prayer,” fans can expect major shade to be throw at Ragnar, courtesy of King Horik. See, the red headed King is looking a bit green after he found out that the Earl of Kattegat, who is ranked lower than he, actually has more power. The King will do anything to put Ragnar in his place and thanks to Siggy, now he knows how.

In a sneak peek video for the Season 2 finale we hear Siggy reveal to King Horik what Ragnar’s Achilles’ heel is.

“Is it not obvious? Ragnar’s weakness is his children,” she says.

Why is Siggy eager to turn her back on Ragnar? Well, in a previous episode we heard Rollo’s girlfriend explain to The Seer her desire to gain back the authority she once had as an Earl’s wife. After Ragnar killed her husband, she lost the power that came with his existence. Since his death, Siggy has slithered her way up the totem pole to become Lagertha’s hand maiden and even Rollo’s lover. But now King Horik will put her desire for supremacy to the test when he tells Siggy she’s the one who will have to kill Ragnar’s boys.

“Then this is what you must do. You must go to the Great Hall at sunset and you must kill Ragnar’s young sons,” the King says. Looks like Siggy will have to get her hands dirty for once.

So, if Siggy is taking out Ragnar’s younger sons who will be killing Bjorn? Originally, we thought Floki was given that duty but in fact King Horik has asked the ship builder to take out his former bestie.

Vikings season 2 spoilers Will King Horik really kill Ragnar's sons in the Season 2 finale of "Vikings"? Photo: Jonathan Hession

“Of course Ragnar. You must find a way to kill him,” the King says to Floki. But the carpenter isn’t the only one who will be attempting to take Ragnar’s life. King Horik has also given his son the task of murdering the Earl.

“Today we must do something extraordinary. You must overcome the magic of Ragnar Lothbrok,” the King tells his son as he gives him a sword.

Does King Horik not trust Floki to follow through with the kill? Some folks have speculated that Floki is actually duping the King and has been feeding Ragnar information of Horik’s diabolical plans since day one. Is it possible that King Horik has caught onto Ragnar and Floki’s scheme?

In the trailer for the Season 2 finale, the promo teases someone will die in episode 10. But who? Our bet it on King Horik’s son. Karma is a brat! Casts your votes in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Vikings” on Thursday, May 1 at 10 p.m. EDT to catch the last episode of the season.