Vikings Season 3 spoilers
See how the cast and crew are preparing for the upcoming season of "Vikings" here! Vikings

All hail Queen Lagertha! Over the weekend, Katheryn Winnick posted her most epic selfie on Instagram thus far when she snapped a photo of herself sporting an exceptionally beautiful wardrobe from the set of “Vikings” Season 3.

“Day 1 of prep. #Lagertha is sporting new fashion for season 3.. (Hint hint) #Vikings,” the blond beauty teased fans.

In the photo Winnick is wearing a much more sophisticated outfit than her usual Earl/shieldmaiden getup. So, what’s the deal? Why the sudden fabric-upgrade? Well, we have a feeling it might have something to do with Ragnar’s new title.

As you all know, Ragnar became the new King of Denmark after he viciously murdered the treacherous King Horik in the final scene of “Vikings” Season 2 finale. So, with that in mind – is Lagertha now a Queen? Well, she would be if the couple decided to rekindle their relationship. And according to Winnick, that’s exactly what her character will do when the History Channel series returns to the small screen in 2015.

During a Gold Derby Google+ Hangout the actress hinted that her relationship with Ragnar was an “indestructible” one despite their heartbreaking divorce.

“If anything, it can’t be replaced… no matter who he’s with,” she said, adding that fans of “Ragertha” are in for a pleasant surprise come Season 3. “I just read the new script last night. There is interest. I think Lagertha is interested and I think Ragnar is also in the picture and I guess you’re going to have to wait and see!”

Season 3 of “Vikings” is currently being filmed in the remote hills of Ireland, which means “Vikings” fans are one step closer to watching their favorite bearded and braided Nordics raid once again.

"I have no idea what Michael [Hirst, the show's creator and showrunner] has in store, but he did tell me one thing..." Winnick smiled at the camera, "he whispered in my ear and said, ‘Get ready'!"

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