Looks like we’re not the only ones excited for Season 3 of “Vikings.” Alexander Ludwig, who plays the role of Ragnar’s eldest (and buffest) son on the hit History Channel series, took to Instagram today to share his enthusiasm for the 2015 season with fans through a video.

The snippet showed Ludwig preparing for his Nordic role -- by getting a haircut!

“OK, its Mohawk time,” the blonde haired hunk said as the show’s stylist, Dee Corcoran, came into the shot with her buzzer a-blazing.

“There [weren’t] many references from that time,” Corcoran told the International Business Times in an earlier interview, explaining the struggles she faced while trying to reproduce an authentic Viking hairstyle. “I did find a drawing from the Vikings times, though.”

And you can see the image she speaks of in the background of Ludwig’s video as the stylist shaves the back and side of his head. This style Corcoran likes to call “Viking warrior” and it’s as functional as it is chic!

“It’s a sharp look from around the crown,” Corcoran explained, adding that the look was created to so that the hair couldn’t be pulled from behind in battle and to prevent lice. “It’s an edgy look. A lot was taken from modern times.”

And by the expression on Ludwig’s face -- and his thumbs up at the end of the video -- we think it’s safe to say he’s in love with this look as much as we are! By the time Corcoran finished giving Ludwig his Viking-esque hair, he looked fit to be a royal! Oh wait… that’s because he is! Ludwig will be entering Season 3 as a prince thanks to Ragnar’s defeat over King Horik.

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