• Facebook earlier changed its name to Meta
  • HTC has launched its own version of the Metaverse
  • Users can shop in the virtual world and pay for it using cryptocurrencies

HTC Vive has unveiled its own version of the Metaverse at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) being held in Barcelona, Spain. Dubbed Viverse, the open Metaverse promises to connect people to an accessible and safe virtual world.

Viverse is a part of a new era of content consumption and social interaction. It is described as HTC Vive's vision of the Metaverse which enables users to have new experiences through its seamless connection to other virtual universes.

Technically, Viverse is a suite of applications designed for VIVE headsets. It is composed of interesting tools to recreate Facebook's (now Meta) plan to bring people to the Virtual Reality (VR) space.

HTC Vive Viverse open ecosystem HTC Vive official website

These apps include VIVE Browser, VIVE Connect, VIVE Guardian, and most likely VIVE FLow, which HTC has not yet announced as part of the Viverse. The Vive Browser is a new VR-based web browser while Vive Connect is a portal for users to journey into the Viverse. The VIVE Guardian, on the other hand, is a tool for parents or guardians that enables them to control what young people see, hear and experience in the new Metaverse.

HTC also launched the VIVE Avatar tool, which is built on VRM standards to help users create an avatar and bring that to the virtual world's other services.

In the Viverse, users can go to the gym to workout even if they are just in their living room. They can also attend virtual meetings, concerts and even climb mountains and glaciers.

Moreover, users can purchase wine in the virtual world and pay for it using cryptocurrencies. They can also check out NFT art and take home whatever they love without leaving home.

The open ecosystem will include Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), 5G and blockchain.


While the Viverse is not yet totally available, its offerings, features and use of cutting-edge technology to bring people into different worlds make it deserve our Best of MWC 2022 award.