• Dead spot is the primary issue of 5G network connectivity in urban areas
  • The signals are usually blocked by buildings or trees, making it hard to connect
  • Nanoweb 5G Reflector aims to solve this issue 

Meta Materials, a developer of high-performance functional materials and nanocomposites, showcases the Nanoweb 5G Reflector at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC), which promises to provide a sustainable solution for improved 5G network connectivity.

The Nanoweb 5G Reflector is a transparent conductive film that passively reflects and redirects signals. High-speed signals like 5G reduce signal range, are highly directional and easily hindered by objects within the area, causing dead spots in the network coverage area.

And, therefore, telecom companies require to deploy multiple small cells in urban areas. Companies also need to provide access to fiber-optic infrastructure and power adding to the cost.

Nanoweb 5G Reflector
Nanoweb 5G Reflector offers a more sustainable solution to dead spot issue Meta Materials Official Website

Additionally, this requires installing extra network hardware, which creates challenges to wireless carriers and increases costs. Meta Materials' Nanoweb 5G Reflector aims to solve this issue by being a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

The latest product is durable and diffusely reflects radio waves to remove blind spots in communications. Its reflection characteristics are equal to or superior to aluminum materials, usually found in antennas.

The Nanoweb 5G Reflector can be applied anywhere and does not require a power supply or even hardware installation. Since it is transparent, users will not have to worry about sacrificing the aesthetics of the place or the view being blocked.

The Nanoweb 5G Reflector is designed to optimize signals, helping them penetrate exterior windows and improve network coverage without installing boosters or signal repeaters. This product can also be placed in interior locations to reflect signals from uniquely designed surfaces.

More importantly, the Nanoweb 5G Reflector has been tested by experts and was proven to manage 5G signals within buildings effectively. This product's ability to provide a more sustainable, cost-effective solution that does not compromise the aesthetics of the place are just some of the features that highlight why it is worthy of receiving our Best of MWC 2022 award.


Unfortunately, the company has not yet revealed the product's price and the definitive date for its release but it is scheduled to be available sometime in 2022.