• Matsumoto tells Vivy she cannot be a part of the Singularity Project
  • Vivy wonders if she can even sing to make people happy
  • "Vivy – Fluorite Eye's Song" Episode 10 is releasing this Saturday

Vivy returns after Diva shuts down following her last performance. After waking up, Vivy wonders how can she pour her heart into her singing in "Vivy – Fluorite Eye's Song" Episode 10. The new episode is titled "Vivy Score – Singing From My Heart."

The official preview trailer for Episode 10 reveals the aftermath of the battle between Yugo Kakitani and Diva. Vivy reveals she has operated till now to fulfill her mission. In the trailer, she tries to practice with the piano as Matsumoto observes her.

Matsumoto asks if she has lost the ability to sing. It turns out that Vivy is not sure if she can sing anymore. Matsumoto then tells her she is no longer capable of being part of the Singularity Project.

In Episode 9 of "Vivy – Fluorite Eye's Song," Matsumoto learns Antonio overwrote Ophelia's personality program with his own data. Antonio reveals he overtook Ophelia for the sake of his mission.

He tells Matsumoto that Ophelia's mission is to make people happy with her singing and as her partner AI, his mission is to support her. However, the burden was too heavy for a young girl like Ophelia.

Matsumoto dismisses Antonio's motives and tells him to reveal his true intentions. A fierce battle begins between Kakitani and Diva.

"The ugly truth behind the tragedy that has befallen Ophelia, is that her support AI, Antonio, has taken over her body. With his identity blown, Antonio attacks Matsumoto in order to hide Ophelia's truth. Kakitani captures Diva and confesses his hatred for AIs while forcibly trying to awaken Vivy who is inside of her. Will Diva and Matsumoto be able to safely fix the Singularity Point…?" read the synopsis for Episode 9.

The cast of the anime includes Atsumi Tanezaki as Vivy, Jun Fukuyama as Matsumoto, Miyu Tomita as Momoka Kirishima, Konomi Kohara as Yuzuka Kirishima, Rina Hidaka as Ophelia, Sayaka Ohara as Archive, Satomi Akesaka as Grace, Takehito Koyasu as Pr. Matsumoto, Youko Hikasa as Estella, Asuna Tomari as Navi, Yumi Uchiyama as Elizabeth and Masayuki Katou as Youichi Aikawa.

Fans can watch "Vivy – Fluorite Eye's Song" Episode 10 online on Funimation. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles this Saturday.

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