The Voice
“The Voice” Season 10 live playoff results saw coaches Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton each choose one of their bottom four artists to move on to the next round. NBC

It was the toughest stage of the competition by far for “The Voice” Season 10 contestants as the show aired a special episode Wednesday to reveal which of the top 24 artists made it to the top 12. Despite all their hard work leading up to this point, half of all four teams were unceremoniously cut per America’s vote on Wednesday, allowing those remaining to head into the live playoffs.

The first round of live performances started Monday with Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera letting their six respective artists take the stage and sing for a chance at earning America’s vote. On Tuesday, the teams for Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams did the same. The show then returned on Wednesday to reveal the results of the first votes for Season 10, and it was really bad news for half the contestants.

The top two most-voted-for contestants on each team automatically went through to the next round, leaving each coach to decide which one of the remaining four on their team got to advance. To help make sure fans know the makeup of the competition going forward, below is a rundown of each team’s results.

Team Pharrell

Boasting a team of mostly women going into the live rounds, coach Pharrell Williams selected some of the best talent in the competition thus far. However, America only sent singers Hannah Huston and Pharrell’s comeback artist Daniel Passino to the top 12. After being vindicated by his selection for a comeback, Pharrell chose Emily Keener with some degree of confidence. The coach has been vocal about his respect for Keener, having called her a “unicorn” on Tuesday night. With that, Team Pharrell now consists of Daniel Passino, Hannah Huston and Emily Keener. This meant that Moushumi, Lacy Mandigo and Caity Peters had to go.

Team Blake

Blake Shelton’s group is by far the weakest in the competition right now. While he’s still got some pretty powerful singers under his banner, the four-time champion’s team roster was simply not on par with his the other judges'. When America voted Adam Wakefield and Mary Sarah through to the next round of the competition, it was Shelton's challenge to choose between Katie Basden, Paxton Ingram, Justin Whisnant and Joe Maye to move on. In the end, Shelton’s final three artists of Season 10 were Paxton Ingram, Adam Wakefield and Mary Sarah.

Team Xtina

In contrast to Shelton's weak team, Christina Aguilera is dealing with an embarrassment of riches on hers. Ultimately, she had perhaps the hardest choice to make of her three other competitors when it came time to whittle down a top 3. America instantly sent Alisan Porter and Nick Hagelin to the next round, leaving Aguilera to select Bryan Bautista to move forward, arguing that the voters had already responded well to him in the past. This left Ryan Quinn, Támar Davis and Kata Hay to pack their bags.

Team Adam

Adam Levine has a diverse and eclectic group of singers in Season 10, meaning he has the best chance of pulling in the most fans by genre. That worked in his favor last night as his three most unique artists moved on to the top 12. First was Shalya Fearing, who gave one of the most impressive performances in “The Voice” history on Tuesday. She was followed quickly by the team’s resident classic rock expert Laith Al-Saadi. That left the fate of Brian Nhira, Owen Danoff, Caroline Burns and Nate Butler in their coach's hands. Ultimately, the Maroon 5 singer went with Owen Danoff, who will join Shalya Fearing and Liath Al-Saadi in the next round of live playoffs, set for April 18.

In the end, the remaining artists moving forward to the top 12 are:

  • Laith Al-Saadi
  • Owen Danoff
  • Shalyah Fearing
  • Adam Wakefield
  • Paxton Ingram
  • Mary Sarah
  • Alisan Porter
  • Bryan Bautista
  • Nick Hagelin
  • Daniel Passino
  • Emily Keener
  • Hannah Huston