Tuesday marked the fourth battle round in NBC's hit “The Voice.” So far, coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine have used all their steals, while CeeLo Green still has one remaining.

Battle Round 1: Team CeeLo: Johnny Gray, 29, vs. Shawn Smith, 31

Green paired ex-airman Gray with another veteran, Smith, to work with him and advisor Miguel, who will be singing “Refugee” by Tom Penny and the Heartbreakers. Smith had a big voice during the rehearsals and Miguel certainly noticed. Green and Miguel advised Gray to work on his attitude toward the song so he would be able to blow the audience away. Both Green and Miguel emphasized the need for emotion behind the song. With the battle nearing, the two artists met with Green and Miguel for a final rehearsal. During the last rehearsal, Gray surpassed Green's expectations and sang far better than in his first try. On the night of the battle, Green gave the military men one finally pep talk before sending them into the battle. After the battle, Levine said he believed every word of the song from both the artists, but eventually told Green to go with Gray. Shelton also praised the artists for giving the song everything they had. Aguliera told Green to go with Gray. Eventually, Green moved Gray through to the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 2: Team Adam: Barry Black, 27 vs. Preston Pohl, 26

Levine paired beatboxer and soul singer Black with Christian band singer Pohl in his last battle round pairing. The song Levine chose for the two artists was “I Wish It Would Rain” by The Temptations. He chose the song because both the artists have potential to be amazing soul singers. Levine and advisor Ryan Tedder both praised Pohl for the rasp and soul in his voice. The coach and adviser also told Black to control his technique while singing the song. Pohl had trouble reaching the same falsetto that Black did, which made the coach and advisor very worried. Heading into the last rehearsal both artists took into account what Levine and Tedder told them previously and praised them on their improvements.

Battle Round 3: Team Blake: Holly Henry vs. Cilia Chan

Shelton’s artist battle was not fully shown, but he chose Henry to move forward to the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 4: Team Blake: Brandon Chase vs. Emily Randolph

Shelton’s artist battle was not fully shown but he chose Chase to move forward to the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 5: Team CeeLo: Tamara Chauniece vs. Keaira LaShae

Green’s artist battle was not fully shown but he chose Chauniece to move forward to the knockout rounds.

Battle Round 6: Team Christina: Olivia Henken, 25 vs. Stephanie Anne Johnson, 29

Aguilera paired singer Henken with cruise ship singer Johnson for the last battle pairing of the battle rounds. When the two artists came to meet with Aguilera and her advisor Ed Sheeran, they found out they would be singing “Done” by The Band Perry. During the first rehearsal Aguilera praised Henken for her performance. However, she quickly saw that Johnson could sing country as well. Aguilera told Johnson that she was holding back in rehearsals and told her to step their singing up. Aguilera raised the key the song would be sung in to give the artists an extra challenge. The day before the battle, they came in for their last rehearsal, where Aguilera and Sheeran told the artists to sing the song with more attitude and conviction. Aguilera and Sheeran also reassured the artists to just sell the song and have fun with it. The two artists are ready for battle, but only one will remain on Team Christina. After the battle, Green praised Johnson for her performance given that she had never heard the record before. Levine told both the artists that they both had great voices, but eventually went with Johnson, and Shelton picked Henken because it was more "country." Finally, Aguilera picked Henken, but luckily Green used his last steal on Johnson, so both artists go through to the knockout rounds.

'The Voice' knockout rounds start next Monday on NBC.