Norman Reedus has shared old footage from the set of "The Walking Dead" to mark the last day of filming of the popular post-apocalyptic horror TV series.

The video, which is apparently accompanied by an old photo, shows the 53-year-old actor singing a song on the set of the famous series. He has short hair in the clip, which suggests that it was taken during the show's first season.

"That's a wrap. 11 seasons 12 years. Never been so beat up and it was an absolute blast," Reedus wrote in the caption. "Thank you to all of you that took this ride with us and what a ride it was."

Fans were quick to share their reactions to the post. Many of them thanked and congratulated the actor, who has been with the show since the beginning. Many also expressed how much they would miss "The Walking Dead."

"I love you Norman. You made so many people happy. I hope you feel accomplished and beautiful. Ironically i just started the show tonight. Godspeed you black emperor," one of the fans wrote, while another commented, "Congratulations!! Hard earned glory."

"I'm crying! i love you so much, i miss twd already. thank you for being part of my life, i grew up with this show, you guys are part of me forever!" another supporter noted.

Showrunner Greg Nicotero also took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video from the final day of filming, featuring a conversation between him and Reedus. "Love you, buddy," Reedus tells Nicotero in the clip. "Thank you for everything. It’s been a real joy."

"Remember when we were babies and we started this show?" Nicotero says. "I had short hair."

"I feel like my entire brain is short-circuiting right now. I can't really wrap my head around this," Reedus then says, to which Nicotero replies, "Twelve hours from now the world's gonna be a different place."

Reedus jokingly says, "Yeah, I'll be on a bathroom floor with a martini in tears."

"The Walking Dead" first came out in 2010. It is based on a comic book series by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, which was launched in 2003. The release date of the show's finale is yet to be announced.

AMC is forging ahead with a new "Walking Dead" spin-off featuring the character of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)
AMC is forging ahead with a new "Walking Dead" spin-off featuring the character of Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) AFP / Chris Delmas