Fans of "The Walking Dead" comics may have been shocked at the sudden conclusion of the written story, but the AMC show by the same name continues to live on as it moves towards the beginning of its tenth season. Recent reports state that the upcoming season will feature a familiar face to those who have read the Robert Kirkman comics, which may signify that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) could be returning to the show as well.

According to EW, Season 10 will be introducing a pivotal character from the comics to the television audience.

"We'll be meeting the character Dante from the comics," revealed showrunner Angela Kang to EW. "He is this roguish, fast-talking, sometimes charming, sometimes annoying guy who can sometimes put his foot in his mouth, but is an interesting presence in the comics."

According to, Dante, who was introduced in 2015's "Walking Dead" issue #131, takes an interest in Maggie. Eventually, the two eventually become romantically involved.

This may bring fans to the conclusion that Cohan will be returning as her character is heavily-involved with Dante in the universe of the comics, but, according to Kang, that's not a given.

"... In our world, the context is a little different, and he will play an important role in the story in Alexandria. So we're excited about that," she said.

Regarding other characters moving from the written word to the television world, Kang said, "There will be some other characters we meet down the line, but I don't think I can talk about them yet. We'll meet some really cool characters this year."

As for who will play Dante, that remains to be seen, as does Cohan's official involvement. Her ABC show "Whiskey Cavalier" was canceled earlier this year, so fans may be on the right track to assume that she will return at some point.

When asked about the potential for Maggie to reappear on the AMC show earlier this year, Cohan told EW, "We'll see what happens," adding, "... That's such a huge part of me, and my life, and my life as an actor, and everything. So no, it's definitely not done. I'm way too sentimental a person."

"The Walking Dead" Season 10 is set to premiere in October.

“Walking Dead” Maggie
“The Walking Dead” character Maggie (played by Lauren Cohan) is pictured. Gene Page/AMC