The Walking Dead
Shows like "The Walking Dead" or "NCIS" remain incredibly popular despite recent shooting tragedies. AMC

The crew working on season three of "The Walking Dead" want to be sure that no fans complain of lack of drama in the upcoming season. With the introduction of new characters, new settings and the promise of gruesome kills, the season three premiere on Sunday, Oct. 14 cannot come soon enough.

Last season the gang of survivors sought shelter on Hershel's farm. The farm provided a safe haven for the group. Walkers rarely sauntered by and few lives were lost leading up to the herd of zombies that swarmed the farm in the season two finale.

While some were disappointed with the lack of blood and drama in the first half of the season, "Walking Dead" exec Greg Nicotero revealed to MTV that fans will definitely get the blood bath they want this season.

"Ammunition is valuable -- more valuable than anything else," Nicotero explains of the weapons used previously to take out threats. "The walker kills in season three tend to be a lot more hand-to-hand, so yo have to get in close proximity to them."

So, what exactly does that mean fans will be witnessing?

"There's a lot of crowbars and there's a lot of hammers and there's a lot of crushed heads and smashed-in heads and axes and machetes and stuff like that."

Crowbars, machetes and axes, oh my! While last year saw one or two walkers out on their lonesome, cinematographer Rohn Schmidt told the AMC Blog to expect the dead to travel in more herds like fans saw in the season two finale.

Killing the walkers is like a routine now for the survivors, explained Schmidt. "Yes, they're dangerous, but the characters are used to them, they know how to deal with the zombies. It's more like a chore for them...Let's hack this one, machete this one, and away we go."

These walker kills won't go down in any old place. Fans of the AMC series can look forward to two key locations that can be found in the graphic novels -- Woodbury and the prison.

While the only thing viewers know about both locations is that they can be threats or a safe haven, Schmidt wanted to give fans a little more background of what to expect visually.

For Schmidt, it was important to create a contrast between the prison and Woodbury. Woodbury for example, "is kind of like a fantasy world with a dark undercurrent to it," Schmidt explained. "It's kind of a little bit too pretty, so we've been using lower film stock to have less grain and look less gritty and raw. Then when we're doing the final color for it, we're adding a little bit more flesh to the skin-tones of the actors."

As for the prison, the cinematographer described the location as "very monochromatic."

"It's still just a little dark and scary there," Schmidt said of the prison. "And the actor's faces are a little less colorful."

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC for its third season on Sunday, Oct. 14.