The Walking Dead Game Announced
Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus), left, prepares to fight a horde of zombies alongside his fellow survivors in this promo shot for the third season of the hit television show, "The Walking Dead." AMC Studios

If the mid-season finale of "Breaking Bad" wasn't enough to make you turn on AMC Sunday night, then the promise of new "Walking Dead" teaser videos should have done the trick.

With the "Walking Dead" season three premiere still over a month away, prepare to beat the walker hunger with two trailers that are bound to make your skin crawl.

The first teaser video released on Sunday is titled "Darkness." It seems as if our group of survivors have finally made it into the prison, and they, like the viewers, are just as unsure of what lurks within. Rick leads the group through the dark prison halls with flashlight in hand. Daryl, who appears to have taken on the new number two role left behind by Shane, follows up Rick with his deadly crossbow. As the rest of the group carefully brings up the rear, Rick turns down an unknown corridor to find something very unwanted...a group of zombie prison inmates.

The second teaser video released on Sunday is titled "Resurrection." Like the "Darkness" teaser, fans are brought to the prison. A hoard of hungry zombie inmates press longingly against a chain link fence, dying to get through to the fresh flesh that lies on the other side. Over the walker rumblings, the voice of Hershel can be heard.

"Christ promised a resurrection of the dead...I just thought he had something different in mind," he says.

A final video, titled "Shivers," gives fans just that...spine tingling shivers. The teaser video shows a walker attacking a man in a field. Although the darkness makes the victim unidentifiable, the hat and gun outline suggests that viewers may be rehashing the season two death of Dale, who met his death in an open field.

The teaser videos follow up one 10 second trailer released at the end of August. The August clip shows Rick walking down a corridor in a house. Holding a flashlight in his hand, Rick nervously and swiftly opens up a door in front of him, jumping back. Unfortunately fans will have to wait until the series returns in October to find out what horrors (or possibly even goodies) lurk behind the mysterious door.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on Sunday, Oct. 14.

Watch the teaser videos for "The Walking Dead" below.