Times are tough in the zombie apocalypse. “The Walking Dead” continued Sunday night with episode 10, introducing a familiar, yet difficult situation for the survivors -- no food, water or shelter. Episode 10, titled “Them,” kicked off with the group split up to search for supplies. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) used the time to cry, while Daryl (Norman Reedus) channeled his inner Timon and Pumbaa by munching on some worms. Unfortunately no one managed to get their hands on anything, and things only got worse when they ran out of gas with almost 60 miles to go to Washington.

With nothing left to do, the group started walking. However, tension was high as everyone mourned the loss of Tyreese (Chad Coleman) and Beth (Emily Kinney) differently. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) tried to get Maggie to open up, offering her an ear if she ever wanted to talk about her grief. Meanwhile, Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) chose to shut everyone out -- and put everyone in danger.

When the group hit the road on foot, a small hoard of walkers began trailing them. With no food or water, the survivors were weak and wanted to put off fighting to conserve their energy. When the zombies finally caught up, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) figured out they could use their surroundings to their advantage. Instead of fighting the dead, they chose to use a nearby bridge to push them off. Angry about the loss of her brother, Sasha decided she wanted to fight instead. Breaking formation, Sasha attacked the walkers. Her move forced everyone else to fight, and a walker almost bit Rick. The group finally managed to slaughter the hoard, but Michonne (Danai Gurira) wasn’t happy about it.

“I told you to stop,” she told Sasha. But Sasha was past the point of caring. She walked off without saying a word. She later proved her “I don’t care anymore mentality” when she whipped out her gun to quickly shoot a pack of wild dogs that surprised them. Although Michonne didn’t care for her attitude, they were able to eat because of her.

The struggle to survive continued throughout episode 10 of “The Walking Dead.” Maggie admitted to Glenn (Steven Yeun) she’s unsure she wants to keep fighting while Sasha told Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) they’re “not friends.” Glenn seemed to have a change of heart after a rough episode 9, telling Daryl the only way they can survive is “together.”

“Together” strictly applies to their own group though. A mysterious person left bottles of water for the thirsty survivors with a note that read, “from a friend.” Everyone was uncertain about the gift, fearing poison after their last encounter with other humans. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) didn’t care. He was so thirsty he grabbed the bottle of water to chug it. But Abraham hit it out of his hand before he was able to take a swig.

Fortunately water came in another form -- rain. A storm rolled through and hydrated the crew. However it was a much bigger storm than they anticipated, a tornado. Daryl brought everyone to a barn that he stumbled across. While there Rick told a story about survival and explained they are the “walking dead.” But Daryl wasn’t willing to accept that. “We ain’t them,” he told Rick.

Their safe haven may have kept them out of the storm, but it was right in the line of a huge hoard of walkers. Daryl managed to spot the hoard before it hit the door, but the group had nowhere to go. Everyone -- including Maggie and Sasha -- used his or her weight to keep the door from caving in.

Everyone survived the night, and Maggie had a different outlook when she woke in the morning. When Daryl gave her a musical jewelry box he had fixed, she woke Sasha to take her outside. The pair walked past the destruction of the tornado, surprised to see how bad things had gotten. They sat down with the jewelry box and seemingly agreed to keep on fighting another day, until a man appeared in front of them.

The man introduced himself as Aaron and acknowledged it was a “stranger danger” situation.

“I’m a friend,” he told them. But that didn’t stop Maggie and Sasha from pointing their guns at him. “I’d like to talk to the person in charge,” he continued. “Rick, right? I have good news.”