Walking Dead
Rick (Andrew Lincoln) will investigate something outside of Alexandria in episode 11 of "The Walking Dead." AMC

Pack your bags, “Walking Dead” fans. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the gang might be ditching their Alexandria digs for something a little safer.

Episode 10 of the AMC series showed viewers that the survivors have the potential to find happiness and live a relatively normal life within the walls. However, the introduction of Jesus (Tom Payne), a character from Robert Kirkman’s “Walking Dead” comic books, revealed that there is always a surprise just around the corner.

According to the synopsis for episode 11, titled “Knots Untie,” Rick will “come to the realization that Alexandria might not be as safe as he thought.” But where does that leave everyone? Two months after the events from the midseason premiere the residents are working on expanding Alexandria. So, does that whole process just come to a halt? It depends on the threat from the outside.

Based on the promo video, it appears as if Jesus will sit Rick and the others down to explain himself. Although their weapons are out, they all listen to what he’s got to say.

“We got off to a bad start,” he says, referring to him stealing their truck.

But Jesus isn’t a bad guy. In fact, it sounds like he wants to open their eyes to other opportunities out there.

“The world’s about to get a whole lot bigger,” he tells them.

Whatever Jesus says must have piqued their interest because another scene from the promo video shows a group of Rick’s people loading into an RV with this mysterious man. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ve developed a trusting relationship. As Rick goes to investigate something he warns the others to shoot Jesus if they hear him whistle.

“If this is a trick it won’t end well for you,” Rick warns him.

As for the budding “Richonne” relationship? Unfortunately there are no teasers about what lies ahead for Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira). But a sneak peek video from episode 11 does give an update on Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green).

During the first half of the season there was some slight flirting going on and Abraham seemingly hinted that he was willing to end things with Rosita (Christian Serratos) in order to start something up with Sasha. It looks as though someone changed their mind, though. Sasha tells Abraham in the sneak peek video that she decided to take on a new guard shift, which means that she’ll no longer be patrolling with Abraham.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6, episode 11 will air on AMC on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. EST.