walking dead
"The Walking Dead" will be producing a companion series to debut in 2015. AMC

AMC is not ready to let go of their successful series. Fresh on the heels of the “Breaking Bad” spinoff announcement, “Better Call Saul,” the network announced on Monday that they will also be introducing a companion series for “The Walking Dead.”

“The Walking Dead” has no foreseeable end in sight (especially with new issues of the comic book series being printed), but AMC studios and “Walking Dead” execs Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert are currently onboard to produce a spinoff series for 2015.

“After 10 years of writing the comic book series and being so close to the debut of our fourth, and in my opinion, best season of the TV series, I couldn’t be more thrilled about getting the chance to create a new corner of ‘The Walking Dead’ universe,” Kirkman said in a statement. “The opportunity to make a show that isn’t tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a blank page, has set my creativity racing.”

And while fans are excited, the bad news is that AMC has not released ANY details on the spinoff. Fortunately that gives us a chance to get our creative juices flowing and make a wish list of things we’d like to see from “The Walking Dead” companion series:


We know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta was destroyed by Jenner in season 1, but what if the new show explored the CDC right after the zombie virus broke out? The spinoff series could show how the government fell apart and maybe even the source of the outbreak.

The Cure

Since everyone is infected with the zombie virus, there is no end in sight unless someone invents a cure. As mentioned, the CDC was destroyed … but what if someone is still working on saving the human race? The new “Walking Dead” show can follow a group of people after a cure is found, and their journey to find other survivors and wipe out the zombie plague.

Across The Pond

Other zombie movies explain that the zombie outbreak is worldwide – something that “The Walking Dead” hasn’t explored. Is the same thing happening outside of the U.S.? It would be interesting to see how the world is dealing with the fall of mankind.

The Future

What is the world like 10-20 years down the line? Do we have a cure yet? Is the government back up and functioning? “The Walking Dead” already explores life during the zombie apocalypse … but what about after.


Who is the President of the United States in “The Walking Dead” universe? Is he a zombie or did he manage to get into a bunker in time? It would be cool to see if any government still exists and what they’re doing now that the U.S. is overrun by walkers.

What do you think “The Walking Dead” spinoff will be about? Let us know your theories and suggestions in the comments section.