AMC’s “The Walking Dead” will return on Feb. 10, and fans can get a brief spoiler for the next episode on the network’s official site, along with an official trailer.

Season three will continue with episode nine: "The Suicide King,” picking up where the series left off at the mid-season finale; Daryl and Merle are standing in the fighting ring at Woodberry, the supposedly civilized community, with its citizens cheering for the two to be executed. The sneak preview shows a quick glimpse of the Governer’s apathy towards the two men’s lives.

Andrea pleads with the Woodberry leader, but he has no compassion for her. She explains that Daryl is a friend of hers, “It’s not up to me anymore,” he replies,” the people have spoken.”

The scene is short but brings fans back to the severity of things as they were left at the end of the last episode “Made to Suffer,” the eighth episode of season three. The latest trailer takes things even further, showing the chaos that is waiting to ensue later in the season.

Rick's group and the people of Woodberry are going to have a war, it’s inevitable at this point. The people of Woodberry believe Rick and his people are terrorists who infiltrated their homes unjustly, after the Governor neglected to mention that they were saving the life of two of their own.  

The battle between the small gathering of people under Rick’s leadership and the community living under the Governor’s is the culmination of what the series has building toward since the premiere. The “Walkers” aren’t the real monsters in the show; they are a threat, but the real villains are the living.

As the story shows Rick and the people around him change from who they were before the outbreak, viewers are introduced to what seems like an average suburban town. The catch is that the suburban town is actually more inhuman than anything our characters have come across.

The trailer also shows the tension between Andrea and the Governor, with her one-eyed lover saying he doesn’t know where his loyalties lie. For instance, he suspects she will defect back to Ric’s group, she could have a fate similar to the torture of Maggie and Glenn, or one of the many people the Governor has had killed.