Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan debuted a new haircut at Z100's Jingle Ball in New York City on Dec. 11. The shorter style has "Walking Dead" fans nervous about her character's fate. Getty

Who knew that a haircut could be a kiss of death? “Walking Dead” actress Lauren Cohan unveiled a new pixie cut while at Z100’s Jingle Ball in New York City Friday night and fans of the AMC show are afraid about what that might mean for her character Maggie.

Cohan, 33, has been a staple on “The Walking Dead” since Maggie was first introduced in Season 2. She’s become an important character and the sole survivor from the Greene farm -- but that doesn’t mean that she can’t get killed off. The Season 6 midseason finale left her in a tough situation. Following the collapse of the wall, Maggie was unable to run to the safety of a house. Instead, she was forced to climb on top of a lookout post while the dead surrounded her below.

The episode ended with Glenn (Steven Yeun) spotting his wife on top of the lookout post, however, the two have yet to reunite. Oh, and did we mention that Maggie’s pregnant with Glenns’s baby?

Fans of the AMC series have to wait until Season 6 returns in February for answers. But viewers shouldn’t start panicking over Maggie just yet. Actor Steven Yeun got a haircut in the middle of the season and his character is still going strong!

Just like Cohan, fans started freaking out when actor Michael Traynor revealed in October that he went out to get a celebratory haircut with Yeun after they finished filming a certain scene. The scene in question was when Traynor’s character, Nicholas, killed himself and accidentally knocked Glenn into a horde of walkers. It initially looked as if both characters were dead. Fans took the news of the haircut as if Glenn’s fate was sealed. But as viewers know, Glenn managed to survive the fall by seeking shelter underneath a dumpster until the horde cleared out.

According to, filming for Season 6 concluded in mid-November. That means it’s possible that Maggie could have survived and that Cohan could simply be rocking a wig when production on Season 7 starts. Another option is that Maggie could be getting a new look on the series. In the comics she’s alive and appears to have shorter hair. Perhaps a big moment in the second half of the season will inspire the cut?

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