Walking Dead
Alexandria was hit with a new threat in Season 6, episode 7, of "The Walking Dead." AMC

It’s been a few weeks, but fate of Glenn (Steven Yeun) was finally revealed in episode 7 of “The Walking Dead.” The AMC series has been going back and forth between storylines, and Sunday night’s installment brought fans back to that walker-infested alleyway where Glenn and Nicholas (Michael Traynor) found themselves surrounded.

Episode 7, titled “Heads Up,” kicks off with Nicholas’ last words to Glenn -- “Thank you.” When the gunshot goes off, viewers once again see the walkers on top of Glenn. But this time the camera doesn’t cut away.

As some fans previously speculated, the walkers rip into Nicholas, whose body covers Glenn. Although surrounded, Glenn is able to slide his body out from Nicholas, and under the dumpster that he was previously standing on. But he’s not safe yet. The walkers catch sight of him and attempt to reach under the dumpster for him. After some fighting and kicking, he’s able to kill the walkers and use them as a shield away the others.

Over time, the walkers lose interest in Nicholas’ body and leave the alleyway. Glenn takes the opportunity to crawl out from under the dumpster and scavenge for supplies. However, the horde and the fall from the dumpster destroyed whatever they had on them. The flare gun is snapped in half and a water bottle Glenn so desperately needs is empty. However, Glenn’s not alone.

“Heads up,” someone calls, tossing a bottle of water down to him.

It’s Enid (Katelyn Nacon)! “Walking Dead” fans will remember that she abandoned Alexandria right after the attack from the Wolves. It turns out that she’s been holed up at an apartment building in the town where Glenn got stuck.

Glenn chases after her, desperate for answers and to bring her home. But Enid’s not interested in explaining what happened at Alexandria -- and she certainly doesn’t want to go back.

Meanwhile at Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is back to running things at the safe zone. He encourages Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to keep her hope up before heading off with Carl (Chandler Riggs) to teach Ron (Austin Abrams) how to shoot. Carl is acting like a bit of a know-it-all as Rick explains to Ron how to hold a gun and face fear. But Rick doesn’t give Ron a loaded gun -- even though the kid asks for one.

Rick’s not the only one doing some training. Rosita (Christian Serratos) is showing a group of Alexandria residents how to use a machete to kill a threat. But Eugene (Josh McDermitt) doesn’t appear ready to learn. He freezes, forcing Rosita to tell him to “man up.”

Later, Rick visits with Morgan (Lennie James) to discuss what happened with the Wolves. Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carol (Melissa McBride) join Rick to explain to Morgan how his refusal to kill the Wolves almost resulted in Rick getting killed. But Morgan insists that he’s not going to kill someone if he doesn’t have to.

Walking Dead Morgan
Morgan (Lennie James) refuses to change his beliefs in episode 7 of "The Walking Dead." AMC

“I don’t know what’s right anymore,” he continues, adding that he knows people can change. “All life is precious.”

Michonne tells him that he might have to drop that motto, but it doesn’t appear as if Morgan has any plans to start killing. In fact, he secretly goes to Denise (Merritt Wever) to get medical help for the member of the Wolves he has locked up in the cell.

Rick can’t just focus on Morgan. He’s got other things on his plate -- like making sure Alexandria stays standing. Ideally he’d like to lead a group outside the walls to draw the walkers away with cars. But right now there is no way out of the safe haven. He begins building extra support beams to secure the wall, and Tobin (Jason Douglas) joins him to help.

Back outside the walls, Glenn finally tracks down Enid at a restaurant. He grabs her and tells her it’s time to go, but Enid pulls a gun on him to stop him. She doesn’t want to go, but Glenn tells her that’s not an option.

Glenn knows that Enid is scared and doesn’t want to lose anything, or anyone, again. He encourages her to honor the dead by moving on, and Enid agrees to follow him home. After gathering some balloons at a former “zombie parade” checkpoint, the two finally make it to Alexandria. But unfortunately there is no way inside. They discover that while the walls are still standing, the safe zone is completely surrounded by walkers.

While Glenn and Enid deal with the setback, Spencer (Austin Nichols) is trying to play hero to the people of Alexandria. To Rick and everyone else’s surprise, Spencer -- armed with a backpack and weapons -- begins shimmying across a rope to get out of Alexandria. The rope is connected to another building beyond the wall, and Spencer is trying to get across. However, the rope cannot hold his weight. Rick, Tara (Alanna Masterson) and the others yell for him to hurry and keep moving, but it ultimately snaps.

Although cutting it close on the ground, Spencer is pulled back to safety thanks to Rick, Tara and the others. But Rick’s not happy about his stunt. He lectures Spencer about his dangerous move, and Spencer argues that he was simply trying to help. He fires back that Rick would have never listened to his plan to get to the cars to lead the walkers away. And Rick doesn’t argue with him.

After all of the excitement with Spencer, Morgan and Denise sneak out to the cell to check on the lone member of the Wolves locked up. Morgan thinks he’s being careful, but Carol sees all. She passes baby Judith off to Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) before following him to the cell.

Walking Dead
Carol (Melissa McBride) knows that Morgan is up to something in episode 7 of "The Walking Dead" Season 6. AMC

Meanwhile, Ron is following Carl after breaking into the armory and stealing bullets for the gun that Rick allowed him to keep. He pulls the gun out of his pants and holds it by his side. But no one is focusing on Ron. Instead, all eyes are on a set of balloons floating away. Maggie knows that it’s Glenn. However, the group has no time to hatch a plan or discuss the situation because the building that the Wolves crashed their truck into collapses and knocks down one of the walls.