Airbnb is listing the “Home Alone” house in Winnetka, Illinois, for a one-night stay in a promotion with Disney Plus to promote the movie, “Home Sweet Home Alone.” The hit 1990 comedy film, starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McAllister, grossed $475 million in worldwide box office sales.

Guests will have access to the entire house on Dec. 12, though they will have to pay for their own travel. Booking opens on Tuesday at 1 p.m. CT. This is the first time the house has been booked.

Guests can set up the same booby traps, though no actual burglars will come to the house. The most dangerous thing in the house will be a tarantula named Axl, which will resemble the same tarantula that belonged to the character Buzz McAllister.

“It's going to be decorated exactly the way it was 31 years ago and complete with treats and tricks," actor Devin Ratray, who played Buzz, told PEOPLE. "There will be booby traps, but nothing dangerous. There will be, of course, delightful microwave mac & cheese and a tall glass of milk, just like Kevin tried to have for dinner until he was fatefully interrupted by the Wet Bandits."

Guests will also be able to enjoy a Chicago-style pizza, Kevin McCallister’s prized junk food, receive a "Home Alone" Lego set, and get to have a private viewing of the newly released film. Airbnb will also make a donation to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

The continuation of the Home Alone franchise, “Home Sweet Home Alone,” is a Christmas comedy, with Ratray reprising his role and as a police officer. 

There have since been six installments of "Home Alone." Former President Donald Trump made a cameo in the second film, and during his presidency, there were calls for the scene to be removed from the film permanently. Culkin joined the fray, voicing his support for the scene to be cut.