Queen Elizabeth treated her four children different, but does this mean she was a better mother to her two youngest children?

Shortly after Prince Charles was born, Her Majesty was crowned as Queen. Following her ascension, she embarked on a six-month tour of the Commonwealth and was left with no other choice but to leave Prince Charles and Princess Anne under the care of their nannies.

The Queen also grew up in a similar way. When she was still very young, her dad, King George VI, had a very busy schedule as the head of the monarchy. He also went on royal tours with the Queen Mother and left their two daughters with their nannies.

Like the monarch, the Queen’s schedule was also very packed. And as such, she only saw Prince Charles and Princess Anne during team time and during breakfast. Her interactions with her two oldest children were quite limited.

But 10 years later, Prince Philip and the Queen decided to have more children. Prince Andrew and Prince Edward were born during a time when Her Majesty had already eased into her role as the head of the monarchy.

The Queen also decided to take a step back from her royal duties after Prince Andrew was born. And as such, she got to spend more time with him than she did with her two older children. Prince Edward was born four years later and Prince Charles and Princess Anne were already old enough to take care of their youngest sibling.

According to Cheatsheet, the fact that the Queen focused more on her two youngest children meant that she was a better mother to them. However, the Queen and her husband actually made sure to give all four of their children the best life they deserved even if they weren’t around.

The Duke of Edinburgh also played a crucial role in raising his children, and he was reportedly strict.