James Franco hosted last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” and while the episode wasn’t a standout, there were a few sketches that were just funnier than the rest. These are the best sketches from “SNL” Season 43, episode 10:

Cold Open — In this Christmas-themed sketch, “SNL” regulars Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson play an elf and Santa at the mall. It seems these kids are watching a little too much of the news with their parents, though. They love to ask about uncomfortable headlines. A little boy asks if Roy Moore is on the naughty list, and the elf informs him, “It’s more of a registry.”

Santa tries to say that everyone can learn something from what’s happening on the news. “I learned that if you admit you did something wrong, you get in trouble, but if you deny it, you get to keep your job!” a little girl says.

Spelling Bee — Franco plays a spelling bee moderator who clearly has a lot of issues. He uses examples from his messed up childhood to explain words and chooses some unconventional vocabulary words. Apparently, he didn’t realize that “urophiliac” is not an appropriate term for middle school kids. McKinnon and Alex Moffat play commentators, one of whom might not know how to spell.

Gift Wrapping — This “SNL” sketch isn’t for the squeamish. Franco and McKinnon are working as gift wrappers at Bloomingdales, but Franco takes a lot of blood thinners. When he gets a paper cut, it becomes a real issue.

Weekend Update: Gretchen — In this sketch, Michael Che goes undercover as a liberal white woman. He loads up on scarves and crochet hates, and a group of women accept that he is a white woman named Gretchen — despite not wearing any makeup. “I went on Yelp, I read a bunch of Huffington Post articles, I listened to the most ignorant rap music I could find, I read Lena Dunham’s book,” Che says of his research process.

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays on NBC. Check out the show’s YouTube page for more sketches you may have missed.

Saturday Night Live best skits from last night The Christmas-themed cold open was one of the best sketches from last night’s “Saturday Night Live.” Photo: Will Heath/NBC