Police Shooting
Cotton Heights Police Department (CHPD) has released a police footage which shows an officer shooting an African-American juvenile suspect. In this photo, law enforcement officers secure the area where they allegedly arrested terror suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami following a shootout in Linden, New Jersey, on Sept. 19, 2016. Getty Images/ JEWEL SAMAD

Cottonwood Heights Police Department (CHPD) has released bodycam footage which shows an officer shooting and wounding an African-American teenager after a high-speed chase in Salt Lake City, Utah, earlier this month.

The teen was driving a car, which was involved in the chase with a patrol car on Interstate 15 in the early hours of Sept. 3, according to the footage.

The chase ended when the teenager's car crashed near a freeway overpass at 1300 South in Salt Lake City, and he along with a female passenger was seen exiting the car and fleeing on foot.

This is when the CHPD officer cornered the teenager, Salt Lake Tribune reported.

In the video, released Monday, the officer is seen approaching the teenager, telling him to “drop the gun” and “get on the floor.”

After the suspect complies with the orders, raising his hands and sitting down on the pavement, the officer yells at him to “roll on your stomach” as he calls in for more units to back him up.

“Do not move! Don’t move,” warns the officer, as the suspect squirms on the ground, the video shows.

Soon after, the suspect is seen reaching for his pant pockets with his hands and the officer is heard yelling “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” before a loud gunshot is heard.

It is only when the officer cautiously approaches the suspect that the viewer realizes that the latter has been shot.

As blood begins to pool around the wounded teenager, the officers shouts at him to “Stay down!” and asks him why he reached for his pockets.

Even though the suspect requests him to call an ambulance, the officer refuses to do so until the suspect was handcuffed.

More officers arrive at the scene, and according to local news outlet Salt Lake Tribune, the teenager told the officers that he was simply reaching for his phone to call his parents.

The officer who shot the teenager is seen commanding another officer to “search him good” after he walked over to a bag that the suspect was carrying and found it full of bullets.

After scanning the area, the officer informed his station he had called for emergency services and also directed a medical officer to tend to the teenager.

Though Cottonwood Heights police Sgt. Ryan Shosted said officers reportedly found a gun in the teen’s pants, the video only shows officers pull a knife from the teen's pocket.

He also added that CHPD was “happy with the officers’ decision making” and their “lifesaving attempts after the shooting to ensure the suspect survived.”

Charges have been filed against the teenager in juvenile court.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office has refused to disclose the exact age of the teenager and the nature of charges filed against him. His female companion, however, has not been formally charged, Shosted said.

According to CHPD, the officer originally tried to stop the suspect’s car after he noticed it being driven erratically, leading him to suspect the driver might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The officer who fired the shots was placed on a temporary administrative leave after the incident. Though he is awaiting clearance on the incident by the district attorney’s office, based on the evidence submitted by the Officer Involved Critical Incident team and the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, the officer has already resumed his duties.