SNL The Rock
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson closed “Saturday Night Live” Season 42 with some hilarious skits. NBC/Will Heath

“Saturday Night Live” Season 42 closed with an episode hosted by Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock. This is the fifth time the “Baywatch” star has hosted “SNL,” so he knew how to bring the laughs. Watch the videos below to see his best skits of the night:

Opening Monologue In his first sketch, Johnson “confirms” his bid for presidency in 2020, but it isn’t fellow five-time “SNL” host Alec Baldwin that he wants to be his VP. Instead, another five-timer will run with him — Tom Hanks. “In the past, I never would’ve considered running for president,” Johnson said. “I didn’t think I was qualified at all, but now I’m actually worried that I’m too qualified.”

Scorpio — Finally, “SNL” points out the superhero skill that’s so often overlooked: costume design. When Scorpio (Johnson) shows up, his friends are so impressed that he made his superhero suit all by himself. “Girls, look, the little scorpion on the buckle matches the detailing on the shoulder,” Linda (Cecily Strong) praises. It seems Scorpio is a little more interested in talking about his design skills than actually saving the city.

WWE Promo Shoot 2 — The Rock winked at his WWE past again with this sketch, a sequel to a 2015 skit. He plays Coco, a wrestler who gets way too personal while trash talking during a commercial. “He’s shooting blanks,” he says of Bobby Moynihan’s character. “He’s been trying to get his wife pregnant for two years and he cannot get it done. And it’s putting a lot of stress on their marriage.” The best part, however, comes towards the end when The Rock briefly breaks character during the sketch.

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Enhancement Drug — In this skit, Johnson is an ordinary construction worker who needs erectile dysfunction medicine, and instead of getting a prescription, he just takes the stuff a random dude at work gives him. The side effects of the meds are endless. “I get the sweats, my bones are cold, my teeth are loose,” he says happily as his nose bleeds. “My heart gets really, really hot, I can read minds, and sometimes I wake up driving a stolen car.”

RKO Movie Set — Johnson and Vanessa Bayer play old school movie stars, but Bayer’s farts just keep ruining each take. The best part, of course, is when Johnson and Bayer start to break character after the wrong sound effect plays. It isn’t the wittiest sketch, but it still makes audiences laugh.

World’s Most Evil Invention — At this gathering of the International Mad Scientist Society, super villains compare their evil inventions. There’s a shrink ray and a freeze ray, but The Rock comes up with something that crosses the line for these villains. Even evil tricksters have morals. In this dark sketch, Johnson’s mad scientist argues that he went for the dictionary definition of evil. “Benito Mussolini used to force feed people castor oil until they literally died of diarrhea. I mean, that’s got to be where the goal posts are, right?” he reasons. However, despite their differences, a love for White Castle brings them all together.

“Saturday Night Live” will return to NBC in the fall.