A group of Indiana ski resort staffers on Feb. 18 sprang into action with a tarp to save a girl who was dangling from a ski lift. The incident was shot on another skier's cellphone at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

"I was in my chair with two kids and we all turned around just as the lift stopped," Adam Browning, the man who shot the video, told Caters News.

"The chair was about 20-25 feet above the ground, and the woman was screaming for help as she was desperately holding onto the chair with one hand, and the child with the other. 

"You could tell she was absolutely terrified."

Browning recalled witnessing the incident and hearing the girl scream as she hung from the chair while staff members prepared a red tarp to catch her. He added that such emergencies regularly occur on the ski lift.

"Anyone who skis regularly will tell you there are always general shenanigans when you board the lift," he said. "You’ll see people fall, lose equipment, etc. It’s basically ground zero to spot the inexperienced."

Browning said the woman holding the girl yelled for help while one of the workers tried to calm her down. He added that staffers urged her to drop the girl and assured they would catch her. The ski lift resumed service once the girl landed safely onto the tarp.

"She did, and they caught her," he said. "The woman on the chair repeatedly asked the girl if she was OK. She said yes, and everyone let out a big sigh of relief. I'm still questioning what could have led to this situation."

Ski lift Rescuers were shown catching a girl as she fell off a 25-foot-high ski lift. The above photo, taken Feb. 24, 2018, shows skiers and snowboarders riding a chairlift at the Genting ski field at Chongli, north of Beijing, one of the venues for events for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in China in 2022. Photo: Getty Images