When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, it immediately became the most desired item in the entire tech world, drawing massive hype.

Knowing this, late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel decided to poke fun at all of the iPhone 5 hype by handing people on the street an older model iPhone 4S and telling them it was Apple's latest product. The results are pretty amazing.

"It's almost as if the new iPhone ruins the old iPhone, but it doesn't. It's all in your head,," Kimmel said as he introduced the bit. "In fact, we sent a camera out on the street today, and we told people to check out the new iPhone 5, which is unavailable so far. In reality, what they were looking at was the current iPhone 4S that everyone has."

"Oh, it's way better. It's nice. It's noticeably better," said the first man on the street.

Some of the people interviewed even seem to have been familiar with the iPhone 5 rumors and applied them to the iPhone 4S in their hands.

One man who was interviewed said, "It's a little bit thinner. Seems like the screen is better." The recently announced iPhone 5 is certainly longer and thinner than any previous generation of iPhones. Perhaps without a reference to the old model, this guy simply assumed he was looking at a new phone?

One woman pulled out her iPhone to compare it to the model presented by Kimmel's street team and declared that the fake iPhone 5 was "definitely faster." Talk about getting caught up in the hype.

"So you like it better than the old one?" Kimmel's cameraman asked the man from the beginning.

"Yeah, I have the 4S," he replied. "I'm always open for a new phone."

The video soon became a viral hit in tech circles, mostly turning comments sections into battlegrounds to fight about which tech products were better.

Among all the infighting, one Reddit commenter pointed out the essential truths of the video: "It's obvious they cherry-picked these reactions because you would find these type of reactions with any gadget (a new nokia / samsung ) but it is funny nonetheless."

Watch the video from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" below.