In a newly obtained video, Johnny Depp can be heard detailing the infamous night his ex-wife Amber Heard allegedly "severed" his finger. The clip shared by Daily Mail on Monday is from a 2018 deposition for a legal case settled in 2019 in which Depp accused a former lawyer of wrongly collecting more than $30 million in fees.

Bryan Freedman, Jake Bloom's attorney, brought the March 2015 fight up because Bloom's law firm had drafted the postnuptial agreement that prompted the altercation. According to Depp's court filings, Heard became enraged after she was asked to sign it.

"She smashed, she threw a vodka bottle at me and my, my hand was resting on the marble of the bar like that," Depp recalled in the tape. "The first bottle went whoosh just past my ear. And the second one was a larger bottle and she threw it from about this distance and it smashed into the bar, which, this finger who I now call little Richard, was, the tip of the finger was severed and all the bone in here was completely shattered."

However, Heard claims that the actor cut off the top of his right middle finger amid a three-day booze and ecstasy streak. She maintains that the injury happened while he was smashing a phone against a wall.

"She says that I did it myself, yeah, by punching a wall," Depp scoffed in the clip. "I tell you, I'd like to see the reactions from scientists, I mean, physicians, who are familiar with this sort of trauma, this sort of thing, because I'd love to see her explain how someone hits a wall and if they put their fist through it, its drywall or something."

He also detailed the goriness of the injury stating that his troubles didn't end with a single doctor's visit.

"I mean, it looked like Vesuvius and then I got infections," he said pointing to the scar on his finger. "I ended up with MRSA twice, so it was very complicated. I was trying to just get the finger back, you know. And then deal with the insanity of having had my finger chopped off by this woman that I was married to."

Despite the intensity of the situation, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star claims that he still lied about what happened to protect the "Aquaman" actress.

"Basically I had a pretty nasty injury that I actually had to protect her at the time," he explained. "And so I said that it was caught in the door in these huge accordion doors at this house, that wasn't the case at all."

As previously reported, the former "Pirates of the Caribbean" star claims that Heard and British paper the Sun cost him his lead role in the franchise by painting him to be a "woman-beater." Instead, Depp insists that he was the victim of domestic violence. As a result, he has filed an ongoing $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard.

At the end of March, the court overruled Heard's request to dismiss the lawsuit. The trial will commence after the coronavirus pandemic.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp attend The Art of Elysium HEAVEN Gala in Culver City, California, Jan. 9, 2016. Getty Images