Kevin Hart hosted a rather unmemorable episode of “Saturday Night Live” last night. His opening monologue was slammed for being sexist and tone deaf, but he had a few sketches that made audiences laugh. Watch his best skits from last night’s “SNL” below:

Office Phone Call: Doug (Hart) receives another “family emergency” phone call during a post-lunch meeting in this “SNL” sketch. His co-workers (Cecily Strong, Leslie Jones, Beck Bennett, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon) tell him that he can just go to the bathroom. His family emergencies always happen after lunch and last about eight minutes. They know he just has to go.

Doug apparently doesn’t want his co-workers to know he uses the bathroom, so he decides to stay to prove he doesn’t have to go. That’s a terrible plan. Luckily, his co-workers find a bizarre way to finally get him to go to the restroom.

Active Jack: In this “SNL” skit, Hart plays the ‘70s version of Jack, a singing TV personality encouraging kids to exercise. In a PBS special, the present day Jack (Kenan Thompson) reunites with his cast members to recreate the opening song. Obviously, Jack hurts himself pretty quickly.

One of his background girls, Dorothy (McKinnon), comes out and reveals that her jump rope partner Cindy died. As Dorothy takes out a cigarette, Jack is clearly in pain as he tries to exercise more. “You know what kids? Do what you want. Smoke, drink, I don’t care. Cause guess what? Everybody dies,” Jack says.

Captain Shadow and the Cardinal: Hart plays the Batman-like Captain Shadow, and his kid sidekick the Cardinal (Chris Redd) is in the car when they get pulled over. Cardinal just can’t keep quiet, and that escalates the situation pretty quickly. A cop (Alex Moffat) doesn’t see a license plate and Shadow won’t hand over identification. Cardinal says he’s 16 and lives in a cave with the superhero, so the officer is pretty suspicious. Shadow gets patted down and the authorities find his “energy dust” — which turns out to be cocaine. Not all crazy dudes in masks are superheroes.

“Saturday Night Live” is officially on holiday hiatus. Season 43 will return to NBC in January 2018.

best SNL skits from last night “Office Phone Call” was one of Kevin Hart’s best “SNL” sketches from the Dec. 16 episode. Photo: NBC