Giant balloons braving high winds lit up Manhattan streets Thursday as part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But an out-of-control Nutcracker balloon knocked down a woman when she tried to discipline the unruly airboat.

However, the woman was too heroic to let the whack deflate her holiday spirit as she got up and gave a chase to the balloon for a grip.

The 45-foot tall float on Central Park West near 74th Street was swaying violently in the wind around 10:40 a.m. Handlers toiled to keep reigns on the classic Christmas character. Seeing the struggle, the brave parade worker woman rushed to the supersized balloon with help only to be whacked by the side of the inflatable’s white hair. She fell flat on her back.

Undeterred the woman immediately got up and sprinted to catch the Nutcracker as it moved along the route.

High winds and extra caution

High winds had put inclusion of balloons in doubt as they cannot be flown when wind speed exceeds 23 mph and gusts are above 34 mph, per regulations.

Surging winds had left officials worried that it could ground the flight of floats. But they gave the nod at the last minute.

Gusts of 32 mph were recorded in Central Park shortly before the event. Finally, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the balloons were good to go, barely 40 minutes before the event’s start, CNN reported.

Officials were extra cautious not to have a repeat of 1997 when the Cat in a Hat balloon injured four people after strong winds let it go astray.

As a result, most giant balloons were kept near the ground by handlers. The Balloon march finally moved from West 77th Street and Central Park West to the grandstand at Herald Square.

The handlers’ leash kept the balloons barely a foot from the ground and they battled with winds at intersections.

At many points, the gusts pushed balloons toward the bleachers on Central Park and shrieks came from the crowd especially when Ronald McDonald lurched above, according to the New York Times.

Macys Thanksgiving Parade performers
The 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has quite a few famous performers. Turkey Tom float is pictured at the 2017 parade in New York City. Peter Kramer/NBC

A long balloon-- a red-colored Power Ranger was held low in the parade but its leg was seen scraping the street although workers gave a dangling hand to avoid the same.

Emergency plans were also put in place. They included workers kept ready to divert the balloons to down streets and deflation as well, according to NYPD Chief Terence Monahan.