This is a representational image showing a stethoscope in a General Practitioners surgery on Dec. 4, 2014, in London, England. A video showing two Mayo surgeons singing an uplifting song went viral. Carl Court/Getty Images

Two orthopedic surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York, became well-known figures after their video performing an uplifting song went viral this week. The two surgeons performed a rendition of Mike Yung’s debut single "Alright."

The video, which was posted Monday to the Facebook page of Dr. Elvis Francois, had received 1.3 million views at the time of publishing the story. The video was shared and liked 21,000 times.

Dr. Francois was the one singing in the video and was accompanied by Dr. William Robinson on piano, according to the Facebook post. The performance was recorded by another orthopedic surgeon resident, Dr. Bayard Carlson.

"As health care providers we often meet people at their greatest time of need....and sometimes the best gift you can give is a simple reminder that everything will be alright..." Francois wrote, along with the lyrics of the song.

"Before he retired the legendary Dr. Franklin Sim once told me....'As a surgeon, it is your responsibility to bear the burden of worry with your patients.....'" he added.

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Both the doctors received immense praise from social media users.

"A testament to the power and need for music education because of its healing powers. Bravo Mayo brothers! Keep playing and singing and healing!" one user commented on the post. Another user wrote: "OMG this beautiful man has such an amazing voice please tell me he has signed a contract with a record company!!! God Bless from Australia."

This is not the first time Francois was praised for his voice. The medical professional keeps receiving appreciation for his singing when he uploads videos of him singing around the hospital on social media. He said in one post, “music is medicine.”