Megyn Kelly
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly speaks at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, Oct. 13, 2015. Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Megyn Kelly opened up about her sexual harassment claims, the fight for women’s rights, and her ongoing fight with President-elect Donald Trump during a sit-down interview with Dr. Oz. The episode is set to air Tuesday.

The Fox News host has been slammed by Trump on different occasions, including on the night before he was declared the winner in Florida, when the business mogul called Kelly "crazy."

"Can't watch Crazy Megyn anymore. Talks about me at 43% but never mentions that there are four people in race. With two people, big & over!" Trump wrote on Twitter. He also reassured a follower on Twitter: "Don't worry, everyone is wise to Crazy Megyn!"

Last year, Trump targeted Kelly for her interview with Howard Stern in 2010 where she talked about breasts, her sex life, husband, and the pressure to be, as Stern put it, one of "the Fox beauties."

During the "Dr. Oz Show," Kelly addressed the battle with Trump, saying: “Well, with respect to the stuff on Howard Stern, I understand that, because Stern is a provocateur. I've been on that show. You go on there, you understand it's going to be a bawdy exchange. But, of course, Donald Trump has made controversial comments even in the past year while he was running for office. So I don’t know that you can excuse every controversial thing he's said with that explanation.”

She continued: "But having said that, I understand Trump's explanation to me, for those comments I asked him about in the debate which is, we've gotten too politically correct. What I say is what I say. And you can debate about whether these are appropriate comments for him to be making ever, but I do think that society has had enough with the PC word police culture.”

The 45-year-old also opened up about the emotional night her father suddenly passed away, reflecting: “We had an argument that night over my class ring. I was being a bratty teenager [and] I wanted a nicer one than we could afford. He told me we couldn't afford it and I wouldn't let it go and he turned and walked out of the kitchen, you know, he'd had about enough of me. And he sat down in our living room and was staring at the Christmas tree and I walked right past him without saying anything and I walked up to my room. And there he was by himself staring at the tree. A good man, alone.”

She went on to disclose: "And that was the last I ever saw of him alive. And shortly after that, my sister ran into the room after I'd fallen asleep and said, 'Wake up, Daddy had a heart attack.' And he was never revived. And that night, my 44-year-old mother became a widow and she had two kids in college and one on her way. I was a sophomore in high school. And things would never be the same again.”

Watch the full episode here.