30 Rock
30 Rock was one of the greatest sitcoms in recent years. Relive the memories. Reuters

Blergh, everyone. “30 Rock” aired its final episode on Thursday night, bringing the show’s seven amazing seasons to an unfortunate (but beautiful) end. And in honor of the beloved show’s final episode, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest moments in our favorite sitcom.

“I Want to Go to There.”

One of “30 Rock’s” greatest strengths is its ability to coin turns of phrase that might sound a little bizarre, but make perfect sense. The greatest of these? “I want to go to there.” This clip is also notable for being Jon Hamm’s first appearance on the show as Liz Lemon’s beautiful (but incredibly dumb) boyfriend, Dr. Drew Baird.

“Night Cheese”

Another amazing Feyism (Is that a word? It should be), night cheese is a pretty self-explanatory concept: cheese that you eat for late-night comfort. And who among us hasn’t taken solace in delicious snacks late at night?

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Not only was “30 Rock” known for its sharp writing and gut-busting acting, but it featured some amazing musical numbers as well. Perhaps the most memorable was Tracy Jordan’s insane novelty pop song “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” Bonus: It was written by Donald Glover of “Community” fame back when he was a writer on the show.

MILF Island

Because “30 Rock” was a show about television, it was bound to include some amazing parodies of dumb TV shows, and it certainly delivered on that front. “Bitch Hunter,” “Homonym,” and “America’s Kids Got Singing” were all amazing pieces of parody, but the greatest might just be season 2’s “MILF Island.”

Alec Baldwin Plays Tracy Jordan’s Family

There’s a reason Alec Baldwin won Screen Actors Guild awards for his performance as Jack Donaghy throughout these past seven years. He’s an absolutely amazing comedic actor with impeccable timing. In this clip, Baldwin takes his acting skills to the extreme by playing every member of Tracy Jordan’s family. It’s bizarre, brilliant, and one of the fondest memories from the show.

Jenna’s Singing

Jane Krakowski is absolutely inspired as Janna Maroney on “30 Rock,” playing the some nightmare-world combination of a middle school drama queen, a diva, and a washed-up actress. The result is breathtaking, especially when Maroney is singing. Whether it’s the hit song “Muffin Top” (inexplicably featuring Ghostface Killah) or she’s just singing to herself, Krakowski can do no wrong.

Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

No “30 Rock” list would be complete without two of Tracy Jordan’s most amazing lines ever. Just watch below.

We’ll miss you, “30 Rock.”