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Most fans of 2004's “The Notebook” have probably seen Rachel McAdams audition tape as she vies for the role of Allie Hamilton while Ryan Gosling reads his lines as Noah Calhoon off to the side. While everyone else has seemingly seen the footage from the classic film, the Canadian actress watched the audition for the first time during her appearance on “The Today Show” Tuesday.

"Ten years ago, you made a little movie called 'The Notebook,'" Matt Lauer said, before sharing an anecdote with his fellow co-host Al Roker. "We're on a flight from New York to L.A.," Roker recalled. "I'm sitting next to Matt and he's watching a movie, I'm reading a book and I notice he's crying. He's sobbing."

"Buckets of water," the weatherman gushed, and then joked: "We held hands the rest of the way."

McAdams smiled and said she does hear from men who tell her occasionally they cried during the 2004 romance film. "Embrace it. I love that -- it's very sweet," she said.

But what she didn’t think was too sweet was her audition tape for “The Notebook,” which recently went viral. “I haven’t seen it,” she said, when Lauer asked what she thought of it. “That would be weird.” Luckily for the audience, “The Today Show” had a clip.

According to Us Weekly, she once said it was the “best audition experience I ever had” but the 35-year-old reacted with embarrassment when the scene was played back to her as she watched herself from 10 years ago.

"Why are you cringing?" Lauer asked McAdams. "You got the part. It worked out well! Nicely done!"

The actress’ most recent film, “A Most Wanted Man,” which also stars Robin Wright and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, debuted in theaters Friday.

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