A bad week of public relations for Starbucks got worse Monday when a months-old video surfaced purportedly showing discriminatory treatment of a black customer by employees. Customer Brandon Ward shared a video in which Starbucks employees in the Los Angeles suburb of Torrance denied him access to the bathroom while allowing a white customer into the lavatory, according to local news station KTLA.

In the video, Ward appeared to be snubbed by the Starbucks employee based on the coffee chain’s policy that only paying customers can use the restroom. However, the video apparently showed a white customer getting into the restroom without previously purchasing anything.

Writer and activist Shaun King shared the video on Twitter.

The video ends with a security guard approaching, but Torrance police said nobody was arrested that day despite someone calling the police. The video was actually taken on Jan. 23 but Ward shared it again over the weekend, he told KTLA.

Ward may have reposted the video after a well-publicized incident Thursday at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Two black men were arrested for trespassing and after they had asked to use the restroom. Video of the incident went viral, resulting in protests in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said his officers “did nothing wrong” in arresting the two men, who were later released with no charges filed against them.

Starbucks apologized for the Philadelphia incident.

starbucks More racist behavior by Starbucks employees was alleged in a new video that surfaced over the weekend. Pictured above are Starbucks cups in New York City. Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty Images