• The Arthur meme universe came alive with a recent prank
  • A TikTok user turned everyone's favorite aardvark into an arsonist
  • Arthur's first meme was posted by Zach Braff in 2016

Everyone’s favorite aardvark, Arthur, has now turned into an arsonist ready to set homes on fire.

TikTok user @legbootlegit shared a video on June 23 showing the creation process of a customized Arthur toy disguised in a black ski mask, placed inside a plastic covering with a parody of an “Arthur” book cover that said “Arson” instead of “Arthur” on the back.

The user put the toy on display at a Walmart where customers were free to purchase it without knowing that it was a harmless prank.

The video immediately trended on TikTok, garnering at least nine million views, 1.8 million likes, 6,292 comments and about 22,000 shares.

Fans have enjoyed the “new addition” to the Arthur meme universe as they could not help but comment about loving the comical Arthur version and imagining scenarios of people attempting to purchase it at Walmart.

One user wrote, “I wish we could see people's reaction when finding your products, or even trying to buy them.” Another commented, “This was super cool seeing the how it’s made after seeing the first video, love it!”

The viral video revealed how much the “Arthur” series was loved by many — not only children, but also adults.

The last episode of “Arthur” aired on Feb. 21, after 25 years of being part of kids' television. Before getting picked up into a series, it was first published as a children’s book in 1976. Arthur was a well-loved character, especially among children from the 90s and 2000s, according to Screenrant.

Due to its popularity, memes have trended all over social media, where celebrities like LeBron James, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend jumped on the bandwagon. Their love for the aardvark character became a running joke on the internet.

Arthur’s first meme that broke through Twitter in the summer of 2016 was a close-up picture of him clenching his fist with the caption, “When your friends tell you to stop texting them #arthurmemes.” It was posted by Zach Braff, an American actor famous for his role in the hit series “Scrubs.”

The series may have ended, but Arthur's legacy lives on forever.

A TikTok logo is pictured. AFP/Lionel BONAVENTURE