Over recent weeks there have been a number of hate incidents against Tesla drivers. Based on the dashcam system installed in these Teslas, many of the incidents were caught on camera and have been posted to the internet.

In one recent report, a Honda Civic driver taunted, cut off, and veered into the lane of one Tesla driver. The Tesla driver caught the road rage on camera, even when the driver threw an object at the car, damaging the paint of the electric car.

The Tesla driver posted the video on YouTube under hillboy2001 in hopes of finding the driver of the Honda Civic.

In the YouTube post, hillboy2001 wrote, “My Tesla Model 3 was targeted today on I405 by this black Honda Civic. He cut me off on purpose and brake checked on me three different times. In the end, he rolled down his window and threw an object at my car and chipped the paint.

“Everything was recorded with the built-in dashcam. A police report and an insurance claim were filed. [Expletive] if you are watching this, I hope you get what you deserve!”

In another incident in Germany, a Tesla driver’s vehicle was set on fire. The owner of the Tesla, Den Dal, who goes by @sakiwebo on Twitter, posted a picture of the torched EV suspecting that it was targeted because it was a Tesla.

Den Dal wrote on Twitter (via Inside EVs), "They chose a Tesla out of hundreds of cars. It was on a public charger in the middle of the street. It was not the most obvious choice if you want to do it unnoticed. Maybe they did not like my Dutch license plate. But there were more foreign cars also from The Netherlands. 1+1=2."



According to Inside EVs, the Tesla was drivable after the fire and was parked at a charging station close to the apartment where Den Dal was staying. The dashcam feature didn’t have a flash drive to store the images obtained from the camera, so no evidence was found as to who committed the fire.