A video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday shows a woman grabbing her pet dog, but mistaking its butt for its head. It had over 270,000 views on the video-sharing platform alone at the time of writing this story.

Not that it excuses mistaking a butt for a head, but in her defense, the woman was wearing a virtual reality headset, making her blind to the world outside. Her children, who are not seen in the video but are sitting across the table from her and filming the hilarious episode, seem to have played something the woman found scary, making her reach for the dog who was on the same chair as her.

Other than the usual trivialities, and comments about the British spelling of “arse,” two YouTube users commenting on the video stood out. One, perhaps looking for a non-funny video, said, “imagine if the dogs eye popped out completely. This would've been a very different video.”

The other, whose sense of humor seems to have been colored by personal experience, wrote, “As someone who has done this before the ass weighs significantly less than the head. She knew the moment she picked it up that she had the wrong end but played along. This really wasn't very funny.”

Reddit, the treasure trove of internet wisdom, found this video and started a thread on it, even though it only had 16 comments at the time this story was written.