Railway tracks
In this representational photo, a flooded railway track is seen in Tarboro, North Carolina, Oct. 13, 2016. Reuters

It was a narrow escape for a North Carolina woman who had stopped her car on the railway tracks Tuesday and just seconds before a train smashed her vehicle, she got out from it. The incident took place on the tracks at Pendleton Road and Martin Luther King Drive in High Point, reports said.

The entire episode was recorded on a dash cam of another vehicle present at the scene. The video shows the concerned car crossing the railway track as the gate lowers in order to let the train pass. The driver of the car who was a woman gets out of the vehicle with her purse in hand and runs away before the train comes and smashes her vehicle.

The video was obtained by FOX8. George Ramos told the news outlet that his father-in-law, Chip Evans was driving when his dash cam recorded the incident. The video's authenticity and facts were confirmed by High Point police Lt. Curtis Cheeks. He added that police is also searching for the woman who escaped from the car.

Evans was also about to cross the railroad crossing when the vehicle coming from the opposite direction got stuck. He yelled at the woman to get out of the way who could escape seconds before the train hit her car, Ramos told FOX8.

Cheeks said: "The personnel with the railroad advised there was no damage to the train, engine #1140, or the crossing." However, he also added since there was property damage and the woman driver left the scene, hit-and-run charges could be pressed against her.

But this statement was ridiculed by Evans who said that the woman was not at fault. “I would stand in court with her and say that that girl did nothing wrong. Either her car stalled or she panicked that is the only difference between her and myself and it is not her fault,” he said.

Meanwhile, Norfolk Southern representative Susan Terpay, in a statement, clarified that the railroads were nowhere at fault, according to FOX8. "It’s extremely important to remind motorists never to proceed through a railroad crossing when the lights are flashing. The lights signal that there is oncoming train traffic, and when there are two sets of railroad tracks, it’s important to remember that a second train can be coming from either direction."

"In this case, the gates and lights activated when a southbound Amtrak train passed through the crossing. When the train finished going through the crossing, the lights continued flashing -- alerting drivers that a second train was coming. The gates then lowered again as a northbound Norfolk Southern train went through the crossing. "

In May 2014, a similar incident happened in Florida when a woman's newly-purchased car was hit by a train and it was captured in a video. It showed how she jumped out of her new Infiniti sports coupe after it got stalled on train tracks and just after few seconds, a train smashed it, ABC News reported.

Experts have advised several measures which you can follow if your car gets stuck on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. For example, you should be aware that trains cannot stop quickly in time to prevent a collision. Leave all your belongings in the car, get everyone out of the vehicle and run immediately off the tracks. Always "run toward the direction of the oncoming train and off to the side in order to avoid any potential flying debris from the collision," TODAY reported.