On Sunday night's episode of HBO's "Watchmen" ("She Was Killed By Space Junk"), viewers got an answer as to what exactly happened to Angela's (Regina King) car in the previous episode after it was whisked away with Will (Louis Gossett Jr.) inside. However, before they were able to learn that piece of information, new characters and storylines had to be introduced.

The episode opened with an unknown woman approaching a futuristic-looking phone booth. Upon entering, she places a call to Mars, which is where Dr. Manhattan lives. "Hey. It's me again," she says once she is connected, seemingly signifying a familiarity of sorts.

She then begins telling him a joke through the phone, which viewers hear as a voiceover as we follow her into a bank and see her seemingly rob it. However, we soon learn once a masked vigilante arrives that she is actually FBI Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart), who works to set up and trap those who wish to intervene in a similar manner.

Afterward, Senator Keane (James Wolk) stops by Agent Blake's residence to inform her that she is being sent to investigate Judd's (Don Johnson) death because he doesn't believe the Cavalry was behind it due to the fact that they didn't take credit for it.

After attending a meeting where Judd and Angela's profiles are shown on the screen while discussing those who survived White Night, she and the man running the projector in the room head to Tulsa to formally begin their investigation. On that plane ride, it is confirmed that she knew Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons), who has been declared dead by local news outlets.

Once she arrives, she finds Red Scare (Andrew Howard) tying someone up and asks where Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) is. He tells her he is inside a warehouse, which we soon see is filled with other people being held captive, barking dogs, and a lot of chaos. Before entering the pod, she is asked if LG is expecting her. "Oh, I sure hope not," she replies.

Inside the pod, we learn that a toxicology report was not conducted following Judd's death. He also informs Agent Blake that Angela/Sister Night was the one who was able to extract the location of the cattle ranch from the man in a previous episode through a method he calls a "secondary interrogation." Additionally, he also tells the agent that Judd's funeral is in a few hours and she indicates that she plans on attending.

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Upon arriving at the funeral, everyone is required to turn over their weapons beforehand, which Agent Blake willingly does. However, she previously strapped a secret gun to her ankle at her hotel before leaving and she keeps it concealed underneath her pant leg.

While Angela reads a passage that Judd previously prepared for his own funeral, a man in a Rorschach mask is seen crawling through a tunnel. Eventually, he comes up inside a nearby church, puts on an explosive vest, and takes Senator Keane hostage at the service. After informing the crowd that if his own heart stops beating the vest will detonate, the Senator willingly walks over to him. At this point, Agent Blake shoots him, which prompts the vest to begin ticking down.

As the ticking continues, Angela drags his body into the open grave and places Judd's coffin on top of it, which explodes shortly thereafter. As she lies on the ground after the explosion, she makes eye contact with Agent Blake. Was that look regarding her shooting him or was it because she secretly held onto a weapon?

Viewers are then taken to the property of the mysterious man that we were introduced to in previous episodes. We see him attempting to create some sort of outfit that can withstand extreme temperatures for an unknown plan. However, due to the fact that one of his servants froze while in it, we can tell that he has not been successful thus far. It is also confirmed at this point that he is Adrian Veidt. The last time we see him in this episode, he is putting on a costume as lightning and thunder crash.

Angela eventually returns to the church where the Rorschach-masked man entered during the funeral, which is where Agent Blake finds her. She then tells Angela she suspects that she knows what Judd was keeping in the secret compartment in his closet and that she saw wheelchair marks at the crime scene. This seemingly sets up a rivalry moving forward in the season, as Angela feigns fear after hearing what Agent Blake has to say.

Eventually, we see Agent Blake return to her hotel and open a briefcase that houses an Esquire magazine cover calling her "Silk Spectre," which indicates she has an alter ego that will extend beyond her FBI persona.

Finally, we are brought back to the phone booth from the very beginning of the episode. Before exiting, Agent Blake wonders aloud why she continues to call him as he's been gone for 30 years, but as soon as she exits Angela's car falls from the sky while Mars glints. What will any of this mean moving forward? Next Sunday will likely bring some enlightenment.

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