A new promo from HBO’s sci-fi series “Westworld” is placing the spotlight on hosts Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) and Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), and it begs the question: What are their stories?

The clip begins with Dr. Robert Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) voice asking, “Do you know where you are?”

Dolores answers him, “I’m in a dream,” and Ford clarifies: “You’re in my dream.”

The scene then flashes to Maeve, who says, “One moment I’m with a little girl, and next I’m in a different life.” The scene shows Maeve running with a girl on the fields, and another one shows her being escorted through laboratory escalators.

When Dolores and Maeve get together, Dolores asks Maeve, “There’s something here seeking, isn’t there?”

Viewers will have so many questions to ask as several glimpses of Maeve and Dolores’ histories are shown together to tease what’s in store for them in the future.

“It’s all a story created to keep me here,” Maeve concludes. “Don’t I get to write my own story?”

The pilot synopsis has already been shared by Slash Film, and it’s already getting fans excited for the show’s premiere.

“As another day of fantasy plays out in Westworld – a vast, remote park where guests pay top dollar to share wild-west adventures with android ‘hosts’ – top programmer Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) alerts park founder Dr. Robert Ford about incidents of aberrant behavior cropping up in some recently re-coded hosts,” the synopsis reads.

“Meanwhile, in the Westworld town of Sweetwater, a rancher’s daughter named Dolores encounters a gunslinger named Teddy (James Marsden) in the street – but their predictable narrative is upended by the appearance of a ruthless Man in Black (Ed Harris) and, later, by a supporting host’s unscripted encounter with an artifact of the outside world."

Wood earlier told the L.A. Times that showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy wanted to keep each character's identity a secret, so fans will pay close attention to the show.

“It’s a show you really want to pay attention to while you’re watching it. Everything means something,” she said. “I think when this series is done, your DVRs are going to break because everyone is immediately going to go back and re-watch the whole thing, and it will probably be better the second time.”